Does your website load quickly, is it secure and easy-to-use? Is there any incorrect code and is the website structure logical? Is it compliant with the latest accessibility rules? Does each page answer solve the user’s problems along with hundreds of other indicators?

Technical Website Audit

We will assess the success of your website in terms of visibility on search engines, determining how visitors interact with the site and identify any technical reasons why your website is not ranking as highly as your competitors.

  • Monitor any issues Google might have in crawling and indexing your site and fix them
  • Assess page load speed and how it might be improved
  • Review issues with mobile responsiveness of your website
  • Ensure your website uses Schema and Rich Snippets so your website is understood, on a search engine and a meta data level. Schema tells search engines meaning of your data
  • Check HTTPs status codes and other coding issues
  • Analyse your site’s accessibility for search engines by correcting any issues with Robot Meta tags and sitemaps
  • URL optimisation – making URLs search engine friendly
  • Review XML sitemaps that have been submitted to Google and Bing
  • Clean up redundant and extinct pages ensuring your website complies with Google’s best practice rules
  • Remove duplicate content pages
  • Report on any HTML markup issues via Wc3 validator
  • Assess the state of attributes on all images and slideshows
  • Review backlinks, their quality, age and spam score
  • Find out which pages are working by using the latest technologies to track visitors as they use your website. We will suggest structural changes based on our research
  • Run your current website pages and content through an algorithm to find the best key words to spice up your content (without changing the context)
  • Assess on-page ranking factors and view areas of improvement such as page titles, use of keywords throughout pages, meta descriptions etc.

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