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Stand out from the crowd with focused SEO strategies

SEO is a complex mix of different aspects that influence your site ranking. Search engines aim to deliver results that are relevant to the person searching the internet.

Our SEO experts will translate your business goals into a successful SEO campaign. We analyse the results to create a marketing plan aimed at increasing your website’s search engine rankings.

The good news about SEO is, once you have the fundamentals in place you should be able to handle most of your internet marketing and SEO in-house. There will always be technical issues you’ll need We Push Buttons to solve, but with our tailored maintenance plan you’ll have the skills to grow the online recognition of your brand with the training component we provide to you as part of your package.


Keyword Research

Reveals the search terms relevant to your business

Have you ever wondered why, when Googling the word “Victoria”, you encounter an image of a Victoria Secrets model, a photo of Victoria Beckham, or even Victoria in Canada, when what you really wanted to research was our state of Victoria?

Google isn’t intuitive and needs direction to understand what a search term means for the user. Those first three results hadn’t crossed your mind, yet they are all featured prominently in the search engine list. This is a perfect example of how important keywords are and what a difficult job it is for search engines to pick up the various nuances and complexities of the English language.

Adopting the phrases people type into a search engine for products and services will direct traffic to your site. Knowing what potential clients search for and what their problems are when they seek out a product like yours is the key to your online success. It’s as simple as knowing whether people search the term ‘accountant Melbourne’ or ‘Melbourne accounting firms’.

That’s why keyword research needs to be conducted thoroughly before undertaking an internet marketing program.

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Technical Website SEO Audit

Why does your competitor rank higher than you? Technical website auditing will tell you why

We will:

  • Assess the success of your website in terms of visibility on search engines, determine how visitors interact with the site and the duration of their visit
  • Suggest coding changes that will help search engines better understand your website. This may be fixing incorrect code, adding correct title tags, completing metadata and other tech issues
  • Review issues with download speed. In the era of smart phones it is vital to have a fast loading site
  • Track visitors to your website using the latest technologies, collate information, identify issues and suggest structural changes based on monthly observations
  • Implement small site changes that will convert traffic into sales
  • Review the visual aspects of your website: introduce new images and colours. New graphic elements can change the way visitors interact with your website

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Content Writing

Informative and engaging content turns visitors into customers

Having good quality, well written content that is relevant to your website visitors is vital in boosting your rankings with search engines.

Effective copy grabs attention, offers new information, taps into desire and calls for action. Good content converts visitors into customers. There are plenty of sites on the web that pump out good content, so to stand out your copy has to be better and answer people’s needs in a way that your competitors can’t.

Copy writing is an important service we provide that keeps your website fresh and successful. We have a team of skilled content writers who understand writing for the web. Writing web page content, articles, blogs, case studies, newsletters, promotional material and product descriptions are all part of the service.

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Email Marketing Strategy

A good digital marketing strategy includes targeted email marketing

We offer the following services to help you establish and grow your email database:

  • We will put together an e-mailing campaign to broadcast your company message.
  • We build your email database and sort your clients into categories around their interests, importance and location. This helps with consumer research and discovery of other ways to reaching your customers via the net.
  • Your newsletter signup form will pop up on the front page of your website. This way you can build your connections and keep them informed about product and service updates.
  • Our graphics department will create great looking email templates that open in your chosen email host. We’ve used dozens of email marketing programs but we can’t go past Mail Chimp.
  • If you are a new small business owner, we can grow your contact list without your active involvement. We’ll help establish your brand, leaving you free to run your business.
  • If you are in a competitive industry such as art, writing or movie production, we can help you develop an effective email marketing strategy. This is one of the most effective personal branding strategies you can use to stand out from the crowd.

We have written more about email marketing and the reasons why you need to consider one.

Our Email Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Specilalists

Results take time but the benefits last for many years

Our digital marketing experts plan and initiate effective marketing campaigns online. We ensure that your communication objectives are represented and your website is continuously improving through a mixture of techniques such as social media, marketing analysis, e-marketing and search engine optimisation.

We can put together various online promotions and e-marketing campaigns to market your products, brands and ideas, as well as perform consumer research to discover other ways of reaching out to customers on the web.

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Competitor Market Analysis

Analyse your competitors and boost your business success

Industry and competitor analysis should be part of your digital marketing strategy. We execute a very practical set of methods to get a picture of your industry. The purpose is to discern the issues that impact on the performance of your competitors. With this analysis we can predict what types of marketing you need for online success.

We will:

  • Produce a Search Engine Optimisation strategy in plain English in a monthly timetable, giving you a 12-month ‘to-do’ list for your online marketing
  • Research and analyse your target audience, your competitors and identify both potential and emerging markets
  • Run your current website pages through an algorithm to find the best key words to spice up your current content
  • Improve the user experience of your site so your customers can navigate it quickly and easily

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Link Building

Improve the rank of your site with high quality link building

Building links is an SEO strategy that informs Google your site is a quality resource and will earn you higher rankings.

Link building is the practice of getting other websites to link back to your website. Building links directs traffic and increase your site’s authority with search engines.

You can also build internal links to other pages on your website. Optimising internal links with rich anchor text to relevant good quality pages will provide ranking boost at no cost to you.

Our SEO services will build you high quality links on external business listings and get your site ranking near to the top of Google.

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One thing is certain, SEO will revolutionise your organisation.

Our SEO service packages come in a range of prices and vary according to how competitive your industry is, how quick you would like to expand and what new markets you are looking at pursuing.

Once we have assessed your online visibility and your competition, we can give you an informed opinion about your marketing objectives. Each industry is unique, and if you’re trying to break into your niche market, you will need a tailored marketing package to suit your type of business and budget.

Despite what many SEO service providers say, the most important thing in business remains the same:

When it comes to appealing to your customers, speak their language.


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