An in-depth Competitor Analysis provides you with:

  • information on why a certain competitor is ranking better than your company on the internet
  • assessment of the mistakes your competitors have made, so we don’t make the same
  • the digital marketing strategies that are working for each of your key competitors
  • the areas in your product range or services where there is a gap in the market and competition is minimal
  • the areas where is your business is doing better than others
  • analysis of how much your competitors are spending on marketing via a pay-per-click advertising
  • observations on large organisations worldwide who aren’t a direct competition but have an enormous marketing budget, learn what tricks the big kids on the block are paying for
  • validate your Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

With these insights you will better understand your market as well as your direct and indirect competitors.


How does a Competitor Analyse work:

We will conduct a full performance analysis of your competitors and adopt the best strategies to boost your business success.

  • Research your target audience, potential and emerging markets and both online and offline competitors.
  • Run your current website pages through an algorithm to find the best keywords to spice up your current content.
  • Research your target audience to understand what products they are searching for and find your competitors.
  • Find out how trustworthy your main competitors are in the eyes of Google and how can we improve your authority online.
  • Compile a list of social media influencers in your industry and provide contact details so we can track them remotely to see what they are doing.
  • Thoroughly research your industry and market so we better understand your potential clients via real actionable data.


Gap analysis/ external content analysis:

Based on the internal audit, keyword research and competitor analysis we create a simplified spreadsheet of the best topics, target audiences and techniques (i.e. Google search, social media, infographics, videos) that will allow you to differentiate yourself in the marketing place without having to spend a fortune.

This will allow us to move from guesswork to working smarter using data-driven evidence to achieve your strategic objectives more effectively and efficiently. 


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