WOT- Web of Trust


A User Generated Safe Browsing Tool

It is a user generated add-on to your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) that uses the simpliest of systems to warn about problem websites and websites that are deemed safe. A little green traffic light appears to the left of your URL when a website is registered safe, orange if it has mixed reviews and red if it’s a site to avoid. A question mark means there is not enough reviews to rate the site (suggesting the site is fairly new).

There are a few Ant-Virus scanners that rate websites based on security and potential virus threats. Why Web of Trust is different is that members rate each site (and leave comments) based on content and issues they might have had with a particular website.

As someone who has signed up to more mailing lists than I wish to remember, being warned about a particular website before you sign up to a mailing list is worth its weight in gold. Prior to using myWOT I signed up to a few seemingly reputable companies only to receive emails three times a day with no way on unsubscribing. Since using this tool on both Firefox and Internet Explorer I haven’t been in the same position.

There is some talk that WOT reviews can be manipulated as it is mainly based on user generated ratings and comments however I don’t really see this being any different from ways that anyone can leave comments on directory listings, eBay user ratings, and Blog like/ don’t like.

All can be manipulated if someone really wants to, yet overall I find most

User generated reviews over time sort the wheat from the chaff.

myWOT also rates sites on whether or not they contain adult content or are child friendly.

The system is so simple my grandfather and his mates now swear by it.

Download it from their website below (it’s free too!)



News - 22 May 2011 - by Rob Jennings

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