Reduce costs on Printing

Reduce Costs in your office by saving money on your printing costs

  • When printing pages with only a little unnecessary colour, change the printer setting to grayscale. This will print everything on the screen black, saving your precious colour cartridges and print out quicker too.
  • When printing out an email make sure you only print the first page; not the entire month long 10 page conversation.
  • There are several programs that help eliminate page print out wastage. A company called Green Print have a patent-pending technology that searches the document and if the final page is nothing more than a URL  from that website it will not print the final page. I don’t know about you but I often want to print out a particular article from a website only to find the preceding 10 pages of comments print out also. Only printing the necessary pages has been estimated to save up to 20% of office paper and of course ink.
  • Non-label ink cartridges- I’m sure you get at least two phone calls every day from someone trying to push cheap cartridges onto you. If you are considering this option be aware that your printer warranty will be void if you use them- cost benefit; will you use the warranty if you have a sub-$250 printer?
  • Non-label ink generally bleeds the words by ½ mm making text look bolder. This might not be a problem-  but it  is generally less professional looking.
  • Re-fill stations; in most suburbs there will be places that will re-fill your old cartridges for significantly less than replacements- at a comparable quality and without all the waste going to land fill.
  • One of the best ways to reduce costs in your studio is to purchase a printer that automatically prints double sided (if requested). End of financial might mean hundreds of pages of reports and then the ongoing storage problems for years to come. If you could halve the archiving of your documents – you may even be able to suggest to the boss you can now fit in a new expresso machine?
  • For high quality photo printing, it is far cheaper to go to your local photo shop than print in-house. Not only is photo paper expensive but each print out will cost far more than out-sourcing it. It is no wonder printer companies love everyone to print photos at home.

There’s reasons why Cartridge companies give high gloss photo paper away with new printer cartridge sets.


Small Business Ideas - 7 Apr 2011 - by Rob Jennings

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