5 Awesome Free Productivity Software

Once you have organised your studio in the way you like there are many tools that will aid productivity. Some of my favourites are listed below.  These tools are all free for small usage and generally speaking will be enough for a small organization, however as you grow there are paid upgrades that are very affordable.

Productivity Software #1 – Drop Box

Overview: Drop Box is a great way to share and store information in the cloud.  It runs on the same principals as Hotmail or Gmail. You set up an account with a password and upload the information into this account. You are then able to view those items on another computer with a password.

It is perfect for designers to share large files. Collaborating on projects, especially design oriented ones means HUGE files and that means clogged up email addresses. That’s one of the great things about Dropbox.  Instead of emailing back and forth just upload the latest images or documents to your Dropbox account and invite your collaborator to share that particular folder. They will have access only to the folder you want them to, not the rest of your DropBox account.


Productivity Software #2 – KeePass

Overview: KeePass is a free password manager. These days most people must have at least 2 dozen passwords. It’s little wonder that people use really obvious passwords  like  abc1967. Either that or they write them down in places they shouldn’t.

With a password manager you keep all your passwords in a central database, encrypt this with one master key file and then you can access all passwords with only having to remember the one.

KeePass is not the most pretty program to use but works tremendously at keeping prying eyes away.

Download it at Cnet-  KeePass:

Productivity Software #3 – MyLockBox

My LockBox is a similar password protector that is easier to use for non-technical users. The advantage of My LockBox is that it password protects any folder you wish on your computer with one universal key. You can ensure your kids, work mates or partners can’t access the folder.

Their website can be found at   http://www.fspro.net/

Or download it at Cnet- MyLockBox

How is this efficient- being able to find your passwords within seconds when you ring the telephone company saves you time and headaches.

Productivity Software #4 – Glary Utilities

Glary is a great program that helps keep your computer running smoothly. It improves your system performance by cleaning unwanted junk files, redundant (empty) folders, finds duplicate files, fully uninstalls programs and defrags (reduces data access time). This will free up valuable disk space speedy up your computer so you can be more productive.


Or download it at Cnet- GlaryUtilities

Productivity Software #5 – Gmail

Most people would have either a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account as well as their main one through their internet provider. Now that i’m on an ever increasing list of email blasts from so many different companies I was finding it difficult to get to my normal work emails instead of the emails i have signed up for.

Simple solution- use a Gmail account for your subscriptions and an ISP based email account for your important work/ private emails. In that way you’re not wasting half a day finding out the latest deals, beautiful photos, and all the rest that seem to be flowing into your inbox every ten minutes.


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