Robertson Hyetts is a large law firm that operates in Bendigo, Castlemaine and surrounds. As a long standing corporate citizen of the Goldfields region, RHS has been providing steady quality services to clients since 1882. Robertson Hyetts pride themselves on providing a reliable service and building long term relationships within the community

The firm approached us for a custom designed website with a mobile responsive blueprint that could grow with the company and be managed in house by admin staff.

Working with Robertson Hyetts we gained an understanding of working with a board of management to produce a website that satisfied their corporate brief and conveyed their impeccable professional services.

We continue to work with Robertson Hyetts with a social media campaign and ongoing web maintenance package.

Web Design

Our brief was to produce a custom designed website with a fresh and modern look to match the RHS corporate branding, while reflecting their long standing experience in professional legal service provision in the region. The firm wanted to convey a modern approach to their expanding new services and professional development in the field of law. The website had to appeal to a new demographic of potential clients with modern needs. A contemporary look was needed to reach a wider geographic area and engage a younger clientele while still retaining established client relationships.

We aimed for a dynamic and engaging site with custom graphics, curves and angles and popping buttons. The result is an active site with way point animation to retain the browser’s interest, leading to longer engagement times and service take up.

We retained the original corporate branding using blue for judiciousness and contrasting orange to illustrate new approaches and ideas. Muted background colours were combined with black and white design in a stylish fashion that maintained readability and respected the sobriety of law.

Research indicates that people usually search online for a lawyer when it becomes an immediate necessity. Precise wording and links in the form of obvious buttons were important on the home page and subsequent parent pages, avoiding confusion and directing clients towards the right service for their needs.

We used crisp hero images that conveyed a peaceful feeling but did not overshadow the message of the business.

The overall design conveys a trustworthy, experienced and modern law firm. We went the extra mile for this client because we value professional quality.