MyPlace Conveyancing is an Australia-wide online conveyancing service. Our brief was to design a complex website to facilitate a complete national conveyancing service with regard to state based rules and regulations regarding property law across Australia.

Due to the amount of information needed on the website, we built a huge site. The design and the product, with all its entailing information, had to appeal to agents, brokers and home buyers and sellers. We wanted to communicate the message that MyPlace Conveyancing is an established business with sufficient capital and experience to provide an impeccable professional service. We achieved this with a stylish, accessible, online corporate shop front offering an affordable service for all Australians.

The design is crisp and simple, deliberately understated to avoid customer confusion. The design consideration was to condense information, allowing customers to easily navigate around the site to find data immediately. Reveal animation on the Home page is triggered as visitors scroll down the page to make information elements pop and fade in and out. Each page has call to action icons that lead visitors deeper into the site, increasing browsing time.

Interactive animation in a three step diagram, simplifies and condenses content so it is accessible without blowing out the size of the Home page. The website is responsive on all devices, including mobile phones.

An in depth blog page was created to increase MyPlace Conveyancing SEO credibility and to provide extra information to clients.

With the installation of a live chat function, customers have access to professional assistance in an instant.

The site has a complete integration of a workflow app to assist MyPlace in handling a large volume of sales. Staff can manage and update the website in house as required with ongoing training and technical support from We Push Buttons.