The client provided us with some ideas of what she likes in regards to colours and website layouts. She also made it clear that she was not looking for the traditional “mummy-baby” cutesy website one so often see with neo natal/ baby care web designs.

Logo Design/  Web Design:

She wanted something natural but not hippie. Something I defined in my mind as educated, intelligent, natural and healing. Though she had a very definite idea of the feeling the logo was to convey, she had no pictures in her mind of what such a logo might look like. We did a lot of research on various topics like: fertility, babies, foetuses, mythology, herbs, births, traditions, beliefs….

We provided the client with a couple of different ideas to choose from.

  1. The business is called Sister Support Doula- we made a very professional looking logo with two women hugging
  2. Logo ideas incorporating the Venus of Willendorf, the oldest and best known goddess of fertility in the world
  3. Logo ideas incorporating fig fruit and fig trees. Also very established symbols of fertility.

Technical Issues:

  • The sidebar on each page ‘floats’ above the background
  • The colour combinations took some time to get right as purple can really dominate a design (and not in a good way). After much trying I think we got the combination right.

doula sister support page slide