Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) is a rare life-threatening condition that is usually triggered by exposure to certain drugs used in general anaesthesia. As the condition is rare, many medical practitioners may never come across a patient with MH. The Anaesthetics Department of the Royal Melbourne Hospital approached us to develop a stand alone sight, to provide a portal for medical staff to access Task Cards and a Learning Management System (LMS) to update their knowledge of this rare condition.

We developed the complex LMS to be completed in short modules. The LMS allows users to navigate through the portal to complete a two hour short course, designed so visitors can sign up and complete the course without involvement from admin staff. Once a module has been completed, certificates are automatically issued, stating the modules concluded.

We Push Buttons redesigned downloadable, easy to read Task Cards for medical staff conducting surgery. Due to the nature of MH, nurses, surgeons and anaethetists are working under high pressure with a limited response time. Our design had to communication vitally important information as instantly readable, with sub notes on treatment that were easy to assimilate quickly. The design had to be functional and incorporate branding.

We also designed a resource kit that is available to patients who suffer from this condition.