Inhere Consulting director, Kate Tucker has over 25 years experience as an Organisation Development professional. Her directive is to facilitate organisational change by helping staff and management find value in their work for a purpose larger than themselves. Inhere Consulting runs transformational learning workshops, professional development coaching and employee facilitation.

Kate had a very clear concept of what her design ethos should be and was able to articulate this clearly during the design brief. Inhere Consulting works in a very male dominated industry, and provides services to the corporate business world. We decided to use colours and designs that would appeal to the male professional while retaining an earthy and creative appeal, which is her personal approach to consulting.

To start with, we created several vastly different designs, which all had all the same visual message. In the end the simplest design with the least visual complexity was chosen. We used variations of blues and warm whites, with a simple, professional design incorporating modified aspects of Inhere’s branding.  As a result, Inhere Consulting now have a professional, unique website to match the quality of service Kate provides.