eCommerce Website Design

Gippsland Cheese approached us for a stylish website design that featured their gourmet farmhouse cheeses and accompaniments. The company needed an eCommerce system that was robust enough to handle a high volume of online wholesale orders. The challenge was to get the eCommerce system to work within the design layout, maintaining usability and mobile responsiveness.

The key element that informed our design was to showcase the products as an upmarket expensive food.  We created a warm minimalist website with extensive photo manipulation to enhance the product features. We conducted a lengthy design process to give the company the opportunity to customise their online presence.

The biggest logistical challenge was to streamline the shopping cart to incorporate complex information. The products had a wide range of information attached, such as milk and rennet type, farm location and tasting notes to educate the customer about cheese using the eCommerce system. Each product comes in multiple sizes and presentations. Freight charges are calculated on a weight base + postcode system, ensuring accurate freight charges.

The website provides the ability to upload tasting notes as a PDF on a per product basis.

We conducted a lot of research into the industry and products to build a knowledge base in the form of an FAQ page.

The site has an Instagram feed that turns into a live gallery.