The client wanted a sophisticated eCommerce website where people can purchase fruit trees quickly and easily. The website incorporates a Point of Sale system for nursery sales, Inventory Control, mailing list integration, as well as a very diverse and large product range.


  • Easy to read product descriptions
  • More modern logo developed
  • Large, easy to use navigation
  • A blog for in depth articles, information and news
  • Earthy palette of colours, with plenty of brown, green and purple as a highlight colour
  • Font Used: Lato for headings and Merriweather for main text

Programs Used:

  • WordPress on a Genesis Framework
  • Foxy Cart for Invoicing/ Credit Card transactions
  • Foxy Shop running the eCommerce aspect
  • Order Desk Inventory Management


Technical Details:

  • Large & diverse product range that is ever growing
  • Need to have in depth detail about each product
  • Complex handling of variations such as Root Stock, Time of Flowering and Use of Apples
  • Shipping & Freight of live products can be difficult to handle due to Australian Quarantine regulation so certain items can’t be sold in particular parts of the country. ie. A pop-up opens when someone from Western Australia tries to buy a grape.
  • Downloadable product catalogs that change in real time.
  • POS System that is separate to the main eCommerce website for nursery sales.
  • Customised Invoices