• The sheer amount of information on the site dictated we use a large degree of consistency in the design of the site in order to keep it easy to navigate.
  • All thumbs are the same size, with symbols very easily recognisable for everyone.
  • The overall design of the site is minimalist so as to not obscure effective communication and to appeal to as many people as possible.
  • We chose a black background to avoid interfering with peoples artwork.
  • Pink was used as the main highlight colour.

Mt Alexander Shire Art registry

Online Art Gallery features:

  • Multiple membership levels
  • The website has been designed to showcase a huge variety of artists in all manner of mediums.
  • Members are able to manage their own page, personal profile and contribute to the blog, upload videos and their own photographs.
  • Members simply need to fill out a form and their personal website is populated automatically so there is no coding needed for members.
  • Creating the program to connect the membership tiers and the form program was probably the biggest issue with the website.