Generally speaking, the office is part of the business most proprietors struggle with. The more time spent doing bookkeeping and general office work, the less time spent doing the things that actually drive your business (and probably why you started a business in the first place).

I’m a firm believer that wherever possible in outsourcing the work you hate doing (like accounts). This is not to say you don’t need to keep abreast of your accounts, but outsourcing to someone who actually enjoys working with figures (yes they exist), will eliminate wasted time, frustration, and lets face it – also errors.

There are also amazing new automation tools that can help you manage your paperwork easily.

Many small business owners resist this idea. If you are a sales oriented person ask yourself-  if you work an extra four hours on the phone selling, are you going to make the $120 its going to cost in outsourcing to a professional book keeper?

Do what you’re best at and outsource the tasks you’re not good at.

Small Business Ideas - 22 Nov 2010 - by Rob Jennings

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When he found himself embroiled in a conversation with someone talking about their ‘customer-centric core competencies’ he realised it was time to create a Web Design Agency that was less about self promoting buzz-words and more about people and giving them the tools to understand the web.

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