What is an online booking system?

An online booking system is a software that allows you to manage reservations through your website. The advantage of having an online booking system is that your booking system never sleeps. Customers can book anytime, even if you are not there to attend to business. A booking system does so much more than take reservations. They automate sending reminder notices and follow up emails, and manage your stock and availability.

The real advantages of a booking system is that they allow you and your staff to focus on delivering better products and services to your clients. Being freed up from phone and email scheduling gives you time to focus on what makes you the most money and is of most value to your clients.

A lot of booking systems will give you a wealth of information such as reports on which part of your business is generating the most revenue, creating customer profiling and show you which times of the day or season are making you money.


Bookly is a free WordPress plugin that is simple to use, even for beginners. It is designed to take bookings and schedule your appointments, tours, accommodation and anything else that requires a booking system. It syncs with Google calendar and accepts online payments. You can fully customise your booking form and receive email and SMS notifications. You can also upgrade to the Pro version for more customisation and business features. It is mobile friendly so you can do business anywhere, any time. If you have foreign clients, Bookly will translate in up to 10  languages.


Acuity is an appointment organising software that permits clients to see your availability and book into a suitable time slot that is mutually beneficial. It saves on missed phone calls, ringing back and forth, trying to remember which times you have free and you don’t need to lug around an appointment diary. All your appointments sync automatically with your preferred online calendar.

With Acuity you can ask clients to fill out intake forms when they book an appointment and all you need to know about them is stored in one platform. You have the ability to brand your Acuity profile and customise your confirmations, reminder notices and follow ups on email or text. Acuity pairs seamlessly with eCommerce gateways such as Stripe and PayPal.


Calendly is another free scheduling software that you can embed on your website and link to your emails. It syncs with all your online calendars so you won’t accidentally overbook. Calendly is a great team or departmental calendar. You can set time gaps between bookings, avoid last minute meetings and create hidden events.


Setmore is another automated booking and payment software on the market. Customers can book appointments in a simple online calendar. Setmore is mobile responsive so you can check your schedule and communicate with customers while on the go. You will also get text and email reminders, reviews, receive online payment and logins for staff.

Michael Arthur Diamonds

Our client, Michael Arthur Diamonds required an online booking system for his clients who wanted a private consultation to purchase custom made jewellery. We installed Bookly on his website and customised the software to incorporate his branding.

Bookly allows Michael’s clients to book a consultation in advance, directly through the website 24 hours per day, leaving the business to generate new client relationships when staff are not at work. It also has multiple choice options so Michael knows what kind of diamond jewellery he will be consulted on.

The software has the bonus of syncing with Google Calendar to slot appointments smoothly into the day to day running of the business.


The client experience

Easy to use online booking systems improve client experience, giving the option to choose the location, staff member, time and date to suit them. Michael Arthur Diamonds have two retail store fronts and two staff that clients can choose from for their own convenience. Also, clients of Michael Arthur Diamonds receive an automated text reminder alert 24 hours prior to their appointment.

A booking system is an essential tool for your website and a medium for increasing your earning potential. It is an opportunity to capture potential clients at the moment of impulse and provide the convenience of making a booking after hours when you are not there to take telephone enquiries.

It is also a time saver for you, creating bookings and calendar syncing without any effort from you, the busy entrepreneur. While you are busy building your business the booking system is taking care of clients and your scheduling.

Visit the booking page on Michael Arthur Diamonds here.

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