Online Booking System

Our client, Michael Arthur Diamonds required an online appointment booking system for clients to be incorporated into his website. This allows clients to book directly through the website 24 hours per day, leaving the business to generate potential income when staff are not at work. The software has the bonus of syncing with Google Calendar to slot appointments smoothly into the day to day running of the business.

Easy to use online booking systems improve client experience, giving the option to choose the location, staff member, time and date to suit them. Michael Arthur Diamonds have two retail store fronts and two staff which clients can choose from for their own convenience. Also, clients of Michael Arthur Diamonds receive an automated text reminder alert 24 hours prior to their appointment.

A booking system is an essential tool for your website and a medium for increasing your earning potential. It is an opportunity to capture potential clients at the moment of impulse and provide the convenience of making a booking after hours when you are not there to take telephone enquiries.

It is also a time saver for you, creating bookings and calendar syncing without any effort from you, the busy entrepreneur. While you are busy building your business the booking system is taking care of clients and your scheduling.

Visit the booking page on Michael Arthur Diamonds here.

Digital Marketing - 23 Jan 2019 - by Debon Dwyer