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Charging the Regions – CVGA


The Central Victoria Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA) have received two grants totalling $100,000 for Charging the Regions. The funding is for a feasibility study to examine member councils’ role in building a network of electric vehicle charging stations across Victoria. Some councils have built or begun to establish electric vehicle charging stations in their area and the CVGA is leading this study to see building a network can support local governments, businesses, communities and EV owners.


The Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance are leading Charging the Regions on behalf of 43 regional councils, 11 metropolitan councils, the Goulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance, the Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action, the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action and the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia.

We Push Buttons has been a proud supporter of CVGA for many years and we have collaborated with them on email marketing campaigns, MASH Community Solar project support and website design, publicity and corporate branding.

To read more about Charging the Regions visit CVGA website here.

Follow the links to see more on our email marketing, web design and branding.


Our Content Writing Services in Action


We write a lot of business to business articles which is good for CEOs and business owners who know their product quite closely. We are removed enough to take a fresh look at their products and services and offer a different perspective from our research results. We also get a kick out of writing articles for businesses and community groups who provide goods and services directly to customers. The kick comes from seeing the fruits of our writing labour boost their brand awareness in competitive industries.



Our clients can get on with building and running their business while we write the content for their web pages, blog posts, editorials, product pages, social media and marketing campaigns.

Apart from crafting the words and stories there is more involved in our content writing services. In order for the content to reach a wider audience we need to do the key word research and build it into the text without stuffing them here there and everywhere. We think about how we are going to drive traffic to our client’s sites with tried and true SEO techniques.

A regular content writing service we provide is to our clients at The Hearing Club. We write weekly blog posts for their Facebook page and audiology blog. With easy to read and informative articles for people who need to know about hearing loss, hearing loss as workplace injury and hearing loss in every day situations, The Hearing Club keeps their content fresh and current.

Our content writing services

We Push Buttons have a skilled team of writers, editors and researchers that understand online readers. We are ready to make your content a hit, grabbing all the right key words and phrases relevant to your business. Our content writing services take offer professional web page content, articles, blogs, case studies, newsletters, promotional material and product descriptions are all part of the service.

For more on our content writing services please visit our service page here.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the name given to the Friday immediately after the Thanksgiving celebration in the USA and Canada. Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately following. Thanksgiving is a very important national celebration in the US, Canada and the Caribbean islands. Its origins are from the Pilgrim days of settlement in north America, giving thanks for the season’s harvest and the successful settlement of the new world. Today it is an important family day, where members get together to feast and celebrate.


What is Black Friday?

As Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday of November (November 29 in Australia), the following day is Black Friday. This signals a nationwide retail sales day that continues into the weekend, with heavily discounted goods, much like our Boxing Day sale here in Australia. Black Friday in America is the start of the Christmas shopping season and acquired its name from the revenue generated, advancing store accounts into the black.

Most Australians are unaware of Black Friday, yet it has been gaining momentum here in the last three years. It heralds massive discounts of up to 40% off online sales of clothing, whitegoods and travel. Australian retailers are cottoning on and are joining the Black Friday concept to sell online discounted goods to Americans and local markets. Online merchants such as eBay, Kogan, JB Hi-Fi and Amazon are also gearing up for Black Friday sales in Australia. Local retailers such as Myers, the Good Guys, Harvey Norman and EB Games have published their Black Friday catalogues, which you can see here on the My Catalogue website.

Because north America is a day behind us, Black Friday doesn’t commence till Saturday November 30. If you are shopping on overseas sites, you should check your bargain hunting comes with international shipping.

Cyber Monday

This day is called Cyber Monday to encourage people to use online shopping platforms to bargain hunt and continue the retail festival. Like Black Friday, it is used as a big revenue driver for the American and Canadian economy.

North American Cyber Monday occurs on the Monday following Black Friday. Once again, because we are a day ahead, Cyber Monday will occur on Monday night into Tuesday for shoppers looking for a bargain on US or Canadian online stores. For Australian sites, December 2 is the date to mark in your calendar. On this day online shoppers can grab a bargain on electronics and software.

If you are shopping for gadgets and electronics from international sites, check to make sure they can be used in Australia and come with adaptors. Just from observation, Australian retailers of electronics and software are competitively priced during Cyber Monday and you may save yourself dollars on shipping. It is also easier and quicker to return an item locally than back overseas.

In conclusion, Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains are there for the taking. Apart from buying cheaper Christmas presents, it is also a good time to replace old office laptops, computers, furniture and purchase software at a discount.

It will pay to shop around as online retailers and brick and mortar store are all competing for your dollars, so you can be sure someone is selling it cheaper.

As a side note: this is the first time I’ve heard of either sales days, I have put the date in my calendar. My daughter wants a watch for Christmas and in my research for this article I have seen that the local jeweller is having a 40% off sale on Black Friday. I’ll bag me a bargain!

Hepburn Solar Bulk Buy Gives the Gift of Solar

Doxa camp receives solar panels

Hepburn Solar Bulk Buy is the sister bulk buy of our client MASH. Both MASH and Hepburn Solar Bulk Buy have a program where, for every 100 systems installed, they donate a solar system to a community group or local school.

Helping disadvantaged kids

Doxa camp in Malmsbury were gifted a solar system by Hepburn Solar Bulk Buy. Management at Doxa camp said their electricity bills were huge, around $25,000 per annum. The installation of these solar panels means that they will have significant savings, enough to give 70 free places on a school camp to kids from the most disadvantaged schools in Victoria.

This is the 13th community solar system installed bonus by MASH since its inception five years ago. We Push Buttons is proud to be associated with MASH who are doing their bit to fight climate change and help the them community come on board with renewable energy.

You can read the full article here.

Two New Websites Launched



We’ve been busy!

Last week we launched two new websites.


Kluwell are long term clients who have been with us for five years. Their website was getting old and needed to be refreshed and redesigned to bring it up to speed with their growing sales and expansion overseas. So far we have redesigned their New Zealand and Australian site with their United Kingdom website soon to follow.

Check out the new website here and here.


Chirp is a community health service operating in the Mount Alexander Shire in central Victoria. They needed a new website with corporate rebranding and new logo to reflect their change of name and new community partnerships. Along with a modern and easy to navigate website, we produced a new style guide, and a system of communication and content management for internal staff. We designed business cards, postcards and email signatures to incorporate their new branding. To boost their online identity we conducted extensive SEO and designed a publicity campaign to save the health service from government funding cuts.

Check out their new website here.

A Web Design for a Picture Framer


We have another happy customer.

We have launched another website this week and it’s for a local picture framer. Campbell McNaugthon is a professional framer who takes great care to custom frame for his discerning clients. It made sense to us that he required a simple, basic design to showcase his work and the framing materials he has to offer; and also to suit his budget.

We are all about listening to clients and carefully executing a web design that is not only suitable but more than the client expects. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Click here to have a look at Campbell’s website. If you need beautiful web design for you business or enterprise give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Our We Push Buttons banner is up!



We have designed our logo into an impressive three metre long banner which we have hung from our court yard fencing. Our office is now easily visible, so pop in and say hello.

If you need a banner for your business give us a call. We’ve got the experience and access to a fantastic printing company to produce stunning, eye catching signage and banners.

Young Farmer Business Program Group Coaching


Business coaching for Farmers

Fast track your business today!

A group coaching program with the Agri-Business Development Institute (ABDI) will help you get what you really want out of your business, figure out what’s holding your business back and where there are opportunities for growth. There’ll be monthly online modules to help you take your business to the next level:

  • Find where you make the real money in your business
  • Learn some fundamentals to manage staff, family and contractors
  • Stay on top of finances by managing cash flow and learning some financial fundamentals
  • Use the art of sales to become a price setter, not a price taker
  • Create a business that is easier to manage
  • Spend your time effectively

PLUS there’ll be monthly group coaching calls and members-only webinars to ask questions!
AND 2 x 2-day face-to-face workshops!

We’ll help pay for your travel!
Live in the middle of nowhere? No problem! We will pay for your accommodation and 50% of your travel costs to get you to the nearest workshop:

Dubbo: 20 – 21 June 

Wagga: 27 – 28 June 

Lismore: 6 – 7 July 

Get your tickets here.

Eddy’s Garage


Our central Victoria series

Central Victoria has been undergoing a small town revival transformation in the last decade. Many city dwellers of the creative and innovative kind are moving here in droves to rekindle and connect to the deeper part of themselves. The historic architecture of our small Gold Rush towns provides a strong sense of place and the internal spaces are encouraging cultural rebirth and community cohesiveness.

A lot of our towns were once service towns for farming districts, the Gold Rush or manufacture, but now tourism is key to their survival.

You can’t talk about Central Victoria without of course inviting the landscape to be part of the narrative. Our topsoil, bush and creeks have been dredged and scoured many times over in the feverish search for gold. There are few trees that stand in all their glory of pre-white settlement, yet it is a miracle that wild flowers and orchids, fungi, shrubs and trees are making their way back into existence.

Living here you are never far from the awareness of our rich (and destructive) history commingling with revival of internal and external places of this region.

So without further ado, our first in the Central Victoria series is all about Eddy’s Cafe.

A humble roadside attraction

The We Push Buttons team took a country drive one Thursday morning in May to visit Eddy’s Garage in Eddington, a tiny town on a wider and deeper section of the Loddon River in Central Victoria.

As you sweep into Eddington a goofy looking dinosaur stands by the roadside, alerting you that Eddy’s Garage is open for business with good coffee and home baked goodies inside.

Tim and Debbie Bray are the proprietors of this groovy establishment almost in the middle of nowhere. We came to talk to them about why they sold up and took on a remote empty garage and what their aspirations for the place were. We learned that it was much more than just a cafe. They had big dreams for the place and for Eddington, their new adopted town.

Apart from offering good food and coffee, Eddy’s future is going to be in the long-forgotten genre of the roadside attraction/ theme park. If you are old enough to remember long family road trips or the Sunday drive broken up by stops to buy petrol, a coke or a truck stop meal, you might recall there would also be a petting zoo, mini golf, miniature railway or other family entertainment as part of the experience. Stopping at these places made road trips feel special, memorable family time. They were the good things in life.

Eddy’s Garage is going to be a roadside destination for families one day. Its going to be about bringing people together in a positive way. Its going to be about life in the slow lane. Stopping to smell the roses (or coffee more like it), a place for enjoyment’s sake.

To read the full article please visit Medium here.

Fred’s Tiny House Council Regulations Airtable Database


Fred’s Tiny Houses are making it easier for tiny house dwellers to navigate council regulations in their shire with a national database in Airtable. Fred’s data base is interactive so people can rate their council on their friendliness towards tiny house living and design, leave comments and download PDFs of each council’s regulations. The database is of course a work in progress as councils start to address the needs of the tiny house movement coming to their shire.

You can find the Fred’s Tiny House Council Regulations in Australia database here.

We Push Buttons have clients who use Airtable as a cloud based collaborative spread sheet with many more features such as fields being able to hold long form text, images, links, attachments, check-boxes, drop-down lists and numeric data. You can opt to have different views to the grid, with Calendar, Gallery and Kanbar.

 It’s the best form of database we have come across, being able to cope with complex amounts of data and multiple staff can interact with the database at once, saving changes in real time. Plus, it can be placed on a website and users can be invited to contribute, Fred’s Tiny House Council Regulations data base being a good example.

We use Airtable as it dramatically reduces time with repetitive tasks that are abundant in web development. We can track the progress of a project and link our clients in the cloud to allow for collaboration and better record of communication.

Eve Lamb from the Castlemaine Mail wrote this article which published March 15, 2019. You can read it here.

MASH Wins Environment Victoria Award

MASH Wins environmental award

We Push Buttons is the digital partner of MASH (the campaign for More Australian Solar Homes) and we were proud to support Jo Kaptein and the MASH team, who were one of six community groups and individuals from around the state to be recognised by Environment Victoria last week for their outstanding contribution the environment.



“The 2018 Community Environment Recognition Award recipients are all leaders in their communities. We wanted to recognise MASH for repowering central Victoria with over one thousand solar installations and for their dynamic community engagement. Mark Wakeham, CEO of Environment Victoria

The community solar bulk-buy for households in central Victoria project has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2014.  MASH has taken orders for over 1,150 solar systems with around 20,000 panels installed resulting in around 8,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions being cut each year.  MASH households, as a group, are saving around $1M off their electricity bills each year.  In addition, MASH is creating local jobs with three local installation companies currently working full-time on MASH installations, as well as around six local people working on a part-time or casual basis on project management and administration.

“MASH has raised over $70,000 for free solar for community groups and schools since we started.  We’re delighted to have been recognised by Environment Victoria.  We couldn’t have achievement these results without the support of so many people and organisations. Thank you to everyone who’s been part of our story.” Jo Kaptein, manager of the MASH community solar bulk-buy.

The MASH solar bulk-buy is available in the Mount Alexander Shire, Macedon Ranges Shire and City of Greater Bendigo. MASH’s sister bulk-buy – the Hepburn Solar Bulk-Buy – is available in the Hepburn Shire. MASH will shortly be launched in new regions across central Victoria starting with Swan Hill.

For more information about MASH and to request a quote, visit or, if you are in the Hepburn Shire, visit

MASH Gets a Spot on Channel Nine News!


MASH on Channel Nine News!

Our client, More Australian Solar Homes (MASH) have gone from strength to strength over the years to expand into four shires. Most recently MASH has expanded into Hepburn Shire with an enthusiastic uptake of household solar installations. Channel Nine News took an interest in this local success story and reported it on prime time news.

We Push Buttons is proud to support MASH in their mission to put more solar on rooftops and to cut greenhouse emissions.

A new bulk buy solar power program is proving successful in the Hepburn Shire with 60 residents and businesses investing in less than two months.#9News |

Posted by 9 News Western Victoria on Thursday, 7 June 2018

Farmer Exchange


Farmer Exchange App Development

We Push Buttons is proud to be the developer of Farmer Exchange, an exciting new App that brings farmers together from across the country to share ideas, grow the industry and transfer knowledge. We built a dedicated networking platform for farmers to connect and support each other; on their device of choice anywhere, anytime.

We worked closely with our client Airlie Trescowthick to develop stand out branding solutions. This state of the art App will be a central library of knowledge, questions and answers that will be accessible to all Australian farmers.

The Farmer Exchange will be launched on April 26, 2018 and is free for farmers.

Agri Alliance and Airlie Trescowthick from Farm Table will be running a series of Farmer Exchange workshops aimed at farmers and agribusiness personnel over the coming months in towns across the country. For information on the closest workshop to you please visit the Farmer Exchange website.

We Push Buttons will be providing technical support during the workshops and over the phone in the future. We will also be conducting usability testing and surveys during the workshops.

So, if you are an Aussie farmer or an agribusiness professional, join us for a new chapter in information sharing in Australian agriculture.


Arts Open 2018: Meet the Makers

Arts Open 2018

arts-open castlemaine

Its on again! Arts Open is a biennial event held in Castlemaine and the surrounding towns and district. Artists open their studio doors to the public for two weekends of the year, which includes the Labour Day long weekend, to reveal their work spaces, talk through their ideas and their processes. I have been to each Arts Open since its inception and I am always amazed at the generosity of the artists, sharing something of themselves, receiving visitors with open arms into their private work spaces.

Members of the public have the opportunity to purchase art directly from the maker plus attend a number of exhibitions and events during the festival. It’s a mutually wonderful opportunity for the locals and visitors alike.

We Push Buttons is proud to have been involved with Arts Open from its beginnings. We have liaised with the artists and organisers to put together the program of events and spent many hours constructing the website. We have used our expertise to secure funding, and we’ve run a pretty far reaching publicity campaign on a really tight budget. Rob has even rolled out of bed at 5.30 am to get on top of last minute publicity opportunities. And, to honk our horn a little louder, one of our kids is helping out with the catering at the big launch party on Friday night.

We love working with Arts Open and artists in general, they are a strong part of our cultural life in this small region of Victoria.

Below are some of pics of the official launch night at the Old Market Building in Castlemaine.

[the_grid name=”Arts Open”]



Proud to Win a Business Award!


Proud to Win a Business Award!

Mount Alexander Business Awards 2017

We Push Buttons is pretty chuffed that we are joint winners of the Professional Services Award in the Mount Alexander Business Awards for 2017. The judges found this category a tough one so we shared the award with another great local business, Healing Well.

We heard from a bevy of great speakers on the night and enjoyed the abundant catering from Growing Abundance and Welshman’s Reef Winery. Three piece band, Mood Swing kept the entertainment coming with contemporary jazz tunes.

The staff at We Push Buttons were very proud of the boss, Rob who keeps this business growing from strength to strength with the energy of 10 people. A fantastic leader and role model, Rob’s dedication to our town, local people, business and the arts is something we are all proud of. The quality of work he demands from us while embracing the diverse human element in each of us creates a dynamic and dedicated team.

An award well deserved!

We Push Buttons would like to thank the judges Lisa Rundell of Lost Trades Fair and Tomahawk Marketing + PR, Jason and Belinda Hagan of McIvor Farm Foods, and Frances Macdonald and Paul Goudie from Regional Development Victoria.

Interview with Jonathon Hanks


Jonathon Hanks explains shared value

We Push Buttons interviewed Jonathon Hanks, founder and Director of Incite, a South African company that provides powerful tools to businesses in emerging markets, to help them build Shared Value and Sustainability best practice business models.


Shared Value is a business strategy that is based on profit generating principles at scale while addressing societal challenges at the same time.

Our valued client ACCSR engaged Jonathon Hanks to run Unlocking Shared Value, an intensive seminar to a small group of entrepreneurs in Melbourne, July of this year. Jonathon presented to a sold out course and outlined how Shared Value is the new paradigm for businesses engaging in emerging markets where the societal challenges are many and require thinking outside the square to deliver positive innovation and change through a business product or service.

The interview with Jonathon Hanks is very interesting and well worth a read. Jonathon gives us a few examples of how innovative entrepreneurs have taken up the challenge of addressing societal issues in South Africa and built growing and inclusive profit pools.

He takes us through the challenges of implementing Shared Value and the industries where this business model needs to be developed.


Too Much Fun at Oz Comic Con Melbourne

Silver K at Oz Comic Con Melbourne

This first weekend of July I took my kids to Oz Comic Con in Melbourne.  We went to visit our client Colin Kaye from Silver K Galleries who held a great stall of beautiful hand signed artwork from superheroes.

It was a fabulous day out for the nerdy and the geeky (and me!). There were hundreds of people dressed up as their favourite comic book characters. The kids were goggle eyed at all the super heroes wandering around.  My five-year-old daughter, April couldn’t believe how many princesses there were in one place.

Everywhere we looked there were stalls with fabulous comics and merchandise and there were plenty of artists giving demonstrations.

We were glad to see SilverK was very busy with visitors and buyers in their stall. We Push Buttons staff ramped up a Facebook and Twitter marketing campaign in the weeks prior the Comic Con to build the hype around SilverK’s special new Star Wars releases and the stunning new Goddess of Truth art work to coincide with the release of the Wonder Woman movie Rise of the Warrior.

My wallet was out of my pocket more than in it but all in all it was well spent.

We recommend checking out the great art work at SilverK Galleries. Visit their website to see what’s new and for contact details.

Colin from Silver K Galleries at Oz Comic Con

Out the front of Oz Comic Con – we could have sat there all day watching the characters walk passed.

Batman (Small)

The Paddock Eco Village Castlemaine

Site visit event

We Push Buttons was proud support the launch and site visit of Stage 1 of an exciting new property development beginning in Castlemaine, The Paddock eco village.

On Friday 16 June at 7.30pm at Buda Historic Home and Garden, a full house of interested individuals and families had the opportunity to hear from the project team behind The Paddock eco village. Participants were part of a presentation and workshop outlining stage one of this remarkable new development.

The event was followed up by a site visit the next morning. Visitors were treated to muffins and coffee around a bonfire and walked through the plans for 27 architect designed homes set around areas of shared space and communal gardens.  Around 75% of the total land area will be taken up by food gardens, small wetlands, walkways and recreation areas.  A community centre will sit at the heart of the development.

The Paddock eco village will model a new standard for sustainable community living and is an inspiring model for future housing developments. With each home being smaller than average and drawing power from grid connected solar panels, the village will have low bills and carbon emissions.

“We want to create a new standard for sustainable living that fosters a sense of community and a close connection to nature.” Heather Barret, Hub Foundation.

It was a beautiful morning and the bush was in its full winter glory.

To register for the meetings and/or to find out more to go to The Paddock website.

Phone inquiries may be made between 9am and 11am on weekdays on 0419 327 791.