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Protecting your Intellectual Property- Myows

As someone that works directly on and with designers, artists and writers I constantly hear horror stories about people having their graphic design work, artwork, written words or even a jingle copied or stolen.

Unfortunately most creative people can’t afford a lawyer (who can?!) and most aren’t aware of their legal rights in the first place. A case in point; a few days ago I sat next to a guy on the train that spent 6 hours working on a proposal at the request of a potential client only for them to say “thanks very much we’ll sleep on it” and then they took his ideas and proposal, modified it slightly and used it themselves without any payment or cudos to the guy I met on  the train.

Unethical- Yes
Illegal- Possibly?
Provable theft of copyright infringement- Not a chance!

That’s where Myows comes in.

Myows is a new service that is almost through Beta Testing and is as easy as pie to use. You simply sign up for a free account and all you need to do is upload material that you want to copyright. These could be a logo design before a meeting, a blog article, computer coding, a future book, a photograph, some artwork, even music.

The file is then time stamped and saved in the cloud. From here you can categorize the file, attribute a client (if necessary), give the file a title and then each item is given a unique file number for future reference.
Once the file been successfully uploaded you can print off a certificate and keep it as a hard copy proof of ownership should there be any issues down the track.

If for some reason you believe someone has violated your copyright you can open a case and take things further. Fortunately I haven’t had to use this facility.

As MyOws is still in Beta stage it is an absolute bargain to join. Currently, the Free account gives you 1 Gig of space with the Pro account giving you  a huge 4 Gigs for only $5.00 USD per month. They will be upgrading plans and re-jigging things soon so plan prices will increase in a few months- so get on board before it goes up.
I’ve recommended it to quite a number of artists and writers of varying computer ability and no one has had an issue with it at all.

There is even a WordPress premium Plugin on Code Canyon by Sitebase that automatically uploads your MyOws account as you upload your images in the native WP media uploader.

MyOws- Helping Protect Creatives


Cool Logo Too! 

News - 7 Jul 2011 - by Rob Jennings

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