Creating A Great Title for my Lyrical Poems

When it comes to choosing a title for any of my Ranthems, I’m mindful of impact, affect and delivery. Obvious or cheesy titles have no place in my methodology in creating a Ranthem.

One of my most popular Lyrical Poems ‘Open Heart Note’ came about as a reworking of a concept I had brewing for a while.  The concept was to describe a journey with my love of music which included heavier genre’s and to bring across the importance of keeping an open mind and allow your heart to explore different music.

‘Open Heart Note’ was one of those lyrical poems where I originally had a raw working title.  After my concept was made clear and the chorus and body of the poem had been written, I had to take a mental step back because the title wasn’t working and it didn’t mould in with the essence of the poem.  When I mentally step back from one of my poems, I take stock of what has been written and the original focus and look at the title being the essence of the poem.  From this point on I start putting together words that marry well and capture the meaning of the original concept.  Once I am happy with the new title, I then decide if I want to rework some of the lines to inject the title into it the mix.  Most of the time I attempt to do this, with it working sometimes, and other times not so much.

With my Ranthems, some of the titles created with this methodology tend to sit in the back of my mind for a week or so (time tested if you will). Later on I’ll try and look at the title from the point of view of a punter on the street randomly being asked, “What do you think of this title?”  If I still think it’s cool, it stays.  If my first thought is nup, it doesn’t move me, then it gets either dropped completely or reworked.

Being a lyrical poet (like any passion) I need new challenges which is hard sometimes as no one can set these challenges when it comes to my Poetry.  It becomes even harder when you think you’ve run out of challenges for yourself after writing a 41 poem book being  Ranthems – A Book of Venom, Intention, Reflection.

Digital Marketing - 21 Oct 2011 - by Rob Jennings

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