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It’s a competitive world out there for a growing business. In today’s climate of endless advertising possibilities including TV and radio ads, letterbox catalogues, newsletters, forums and social media, it can be tricky to stay ahead of the game. Having a business that has an immediate brand recognition means that they are well and truly ahead of the pack.

When looking for a product or service, most people will go straight to the internet and type in a few keywords. Next a list of companies pop up. You may be one of these, but what will make the consumer choose you and not one of your competitors? Sure, being near the top of the page is a big advantage, but not always a shoe-in.


An eye catching logo could be the edge you need over the competition. You can convey a lot of information with even the simplest of logos. Colour can also play a key role in a successful logo, with different colours standing for different feelings and emotions.

So once you have a logo that suits your business, with an appropriate image and a colour that inspires the viewer, you are in a better position to attract the attention of potential clients over and above your competition.

Advertising has always been a powerful friend to any business. The more you get your name out there the more people know and remember who you are. If someone sees a repeated ad on TV for a cleaning product, chances are that when they go to buy cleaning products they will choose that brand. Not always because it is a good product but because they now associate that brand with their purpose, to clean. This is one way a logo works in your favour.

Does a recognisable logo work for assisting brand recognition?

Logos and brand recognition:

When you need petrol and there are two service stations at an intersection, one a Shell service station with its recognisable bright yellow inviting sign and the other a private service station with no known logo.

Which one looks more trusted, safe and which do you favour?

When shopping for new sports wear, more people opt for well known brands with their logos emblazoned on the apparel rather than an unknown, unbranded item. This is not always because they are better quality but more often because that brand is recognised and associated with quality and generally accepted as the bench mark for that industry.

Obviously having a reputable, reliable and good quality product or service is paramount for a good business and a logo will not override or replace the need to have good business ethics. Having a well recognised logo simply helps market your product to stand out in the crowd.

And lets face it, these days every business needs all the help it can get.

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Small Business Ideas - 11 Dec 2019 - by Rob Jennings

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