If you are using a home page as your landing page you are most likely losing valuable sales leads. The home page of your website is designed to be general purpose and explain what it is your business does, and why you do it so well. Imagine your home page is the shop front window: the buyer may stop and admire your products, but if you cannot engage the buyer’s interest, they are just as likely to continue walking and window-shopping, and you will never see them again.

A landing page, on the other hand, might be considered an open door. It is a standalone page that appears in response to clicking on an enticing advertisement or email link, engages directly with the potential buyer, and captures data to generate sales opportunities.

Why Your Website Needs a Landing Page

A landing page is more than simply a clickable link for through-traffic. A good landing page holds your visitor’s attention and captures information through a leading form. There is no point generating traffic if you are unable to convert interested passers-by into sales opportunities. Your landing page should effectively target the particular the demographic of your campaign, and have an interesting offer or obvious call to action buttons. Simply put, you should never start any online advertising campaign without a landing page in place to capture the leads your campaign generates.



How do I make my Landing Page Work for me?

Before you start your marketing campaign and set up a page to capture traffic, ask yourself what you want potential customers to do when they get to your website. Do you want them to see the latest innovations you have to offer? Do you want them to fill out their details on a form for mailing list and email marketing? Whatever your purpose, having a clear idea of what you want your landing page to achieve means it can be set up to prompt and direct traffic in a way that increases the effectiveness of your campaign. If you want your landing page to consistently deliver leads, try to keep the following points in mind:

  • Short and simple is best: the internet is a busy place, and most internet users have notoriously short attention spans. Don’t bore people with large blocks of information to read
  • Forms should ask for minimum information – the less time it takes to fill in, the information, the more chance you have of gaining a lead
  • Limit distractions: keep your landing page clutter free. You don’t want your leads exiting so hide website navigation and information on landing pages
  • Value add: make sure the offer you make is compelling and clearly demonstrated to the demographic you have targeted
  • Be sure to share: Your page should have links to social media to enable your audience to share your information



Here’s a selection of landing pages that serve different purposes:

Receive a free white paper on the condition that you sign up to their newsletter


Simple sign up for the latest news

Large hero image with a simple join now form


Create an account in seconds


Creating a landing page to capture leads is an easy and effective way to improve online marketing strategies, drive sales figures and collect important data for future marketing campaigns.

There is nothing to lose and sales to gain!



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Digital Marketing - 19 Jan 2017 - by Rob Jennings

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