Kindness and Gratitude


In this busy Christmas season many voices speak of peace and joy in word and in song. My attention is drawn to another set of virtues. Kindness and gratitude make life worth living.

An old Persian proverb says: Write kindness in marble and write injuries in the dust.

Kindness is thinking of someone else before us. Today a beautiful post came from Peter Legge, CEO of Canada Wide Media Limited. It tells a moving story of The Salvation Army founder General William Booth. When asked to telegraph his officers with one word to describe his organisation he said others.

Kindness sees others need first. It hears their heartfelt cry. It gives the knowing smile, the reassuring touch. Kindness reaches out where some fear to go. It hugs the unlovely; it listens to the ramblings of lonely souls. It visits the shut in.

You are kindness in motion. Your voice, your hands, your ears are all you need. If you have money share some. As you have been given time give some. Each talent a gift designed to share.

I’d gone to the local Worker’s Club for a meal. As a disabled man shuffled to a table near me I cleared the things in his way. He nodded with thanks. As I left another man called me over and said “That was a very nice thing that you did”.  Someone was watching one small act of kindness. I was touched by the gratitude both men showed me.

Genuine unexpected appreciation moved me greatly.

Gratitude and the ability to say thanks takes so little effort. It can make a magnified difference’s. Today I rang an old teacher and mentor I’ve known for forty years to tell him of my new book and to thank him for his encouragement across the years. In your work watch how leaders treat their staff. It tells so much about that person. Taking time to express thanks or to reward performance on a regular basis marks out the great organisations and teams.

Inspiration - 14 Dec 2011 - by Rob Jennings

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