The Great Debate


Which is the superior medium – HTML5 or Flash? There seems no end to the debate. Some developers believe Flash is already dying in a PC-bound backwater, while others believe it has far too much traction online to simply go under and drown. As yet there had been no definitive answer, but we believe the future is HTML5.

Weighing up the Advantages

The developers and supporters of Flash insist they have the numbers to prove the worth of the technology they prefer. 70% of web-based games are built on Flash, over 70% of web-based video content are viewed via Flash, and over 90% of enterprises rely on Flash. Numbers like that deserve confidence and no doubt are music to Adobe’s economic ear, but numbers alone cannot protect the future viability of a technology that is driven by consumer demand for accessibility.

HTML5 offers mobile capability, which means content can be downloaded on any device; a capability that the PC-bound Flash medium does not enjoy. Most modern browsers and many mobile devices that are incapable of running Flash readily support HTML5. The ability to run content across a variety of platforms is incredibly important when you consider that in all probability, one in five views will occur on a mobile device. HTML5 also has semantic markup. When it is properly formatted it allows for easy reading by a spider and can provide a huge boost to a site’s SEO. Flash, on the other hand, is compiled code so the content cannot be spidered to increase the SEO rating of a site.

HTML5 v Flash…and the Winner is…

The open standards development of HTML5 means it is not controlled by one company vision. Feedback is encouraged and has helped developers keep up with the demands of a growing world of users, making HTML5 a clear winner for on-the-move gamers who demand the latest technology.



News - 15 Dec 2014 - by Rob Jennings

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