Google +1

The juggernaut that is Google keeps rolling on… with the launch of their new “Google +1” Social Media program in Australia this week (as seen in the footer of this website).

According to Google the +1 button is short for ‘you should check this out’. All someone has to do is tick the +1 button to tell the world they like a particular website. Google will then compile the results and tailor lists based on users interests and preferences.

This could have a strong influence on search engine results with impossible to guess outcomes at this stage.

You do need to have a Google account- such as a Gmail address that allows you to use a whole suite of different Google products such as Adwords, Google Books, Anayltics amongst others as well as the new “+1”.

The voting is done under your Username in Google so others will be able to see your votes. This also means that people won’t be able to vote 500 times for their own site as each tick for each individual website has to come from a different Google account preventing too much fraudulent behaviour.

So click the “+1 button” on websites you like, friends blogs you love and most importantly mine.

For more information head to the Google +1 Blog.

Digital Marketing - 4 Jul 2011 - by Rob Jennings

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