Fight Corona with Art

We wanted to let you know about a new website called Minty which offers collections of illustrations to assist you in creating beautiful websites or digital marketing campaigns.

There are hundreds of mainly European illustrators listed on the site and they are offering free downloads on COVID-19 illustrations that are all relevant to the current pandemic, offering illustrations for everything from close ups of the virus to icons dealing with working from home. If you work in communication, marketing or social media these images can be used free of charge to help inform members of the public to sate COVID-19 seriously.

The illustrations can be downloaded free of charge and if you need a particular illustration, the site offers a portal to also buy artwork and help artists who are working from home.

If you are a budding artist or illustrator, you could consider joining the website as they help connect Art Directors, Communication Designers, Advertising Agencies and Marketing professionals with illustrators. This could be a fantastic opportunity for Illustrators and artists from across the world to sell their digital work: Apply to be an Artist here…

The site asks everybody who contributes COVID-19 illustratons to help spread the hashtag #fightcoronawithart.

Here are some excellent free images we found on Minty:

News - 4 Apr 2020 - by Iben Blom Hansen

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