Effective Content Writing

Question: What does every website have in common?

The answer of course, is content. It takes less than five minutes browsing on any given subject to start drowning in content, and there is no denying that of that content poor quality and boring.  And we all know what happens when we are confronted get bored with a website – we bounce! Effective copy writing grabs attention, offers new information, taps into desire and calls for action. In essence, good copy converts visitors into customers.


It’s hard to get in the digital space, and harder to keep. Research your audience and keep your content sharp. Use snappy headlines to compel the reader to find out more.


Remember what we said about drowning in content? Offer new information, or a new angle on readily available information that excites interest and is relevant to the headline offer.


Impulse purchases are driven by desire. Use your research to highlight the benefits and qualities of your product or service that will appeal to your audience. If possible, include testimonials, favourable studies, and opinions from experts to strengthen the desirability of your brand.


Whether you make an offer or give a guarantee, the one thing you must also do is provide a clear call to action that is easily accomplished.  For example, “click now to secure your early bird deal” deadline offers are a particularly effective eCommerce tool.

Consumers have a short attention span because of the ocean of boring content on the net. Throw them a lifeline of focused, informative copy that fulfils a desire and you have an even chance of converting visitors into loyal customers.

Digital Marketing - 26 Sep 2018 - by Debon Dwyer