eCommerce Web Development for the Food, Beverage & Wholesale food industries

The website design of your eCommerce food industry site is important and needs to reflect your branding and send a clear message that allows you stand out from your competitors.

Photography is vitally important for any eCommerce development

Whether you are a butcher, delicatessen, brewery, grocer, café or restaurant you need a site heavy with large, good quality pictures by a professional photographer rather than stock photos.


eCommerce web development & branding

A professional designer of food industry websites will be able to guide you on the typography suitable for your product that has a symbiotic relationship with your logo and the look of your site. Style and presentation are important. Clean designs that let food photography entice and dominate.

Colours on your web page can be used to make consumers desire your products, get them salivating and wanting to buy. Choose a colour palette to match your products or one that compliments them. Your web designer can help you with this.

Seek inspiration from other food industry websites

To get an idea of how you want your eCommerce website to look, pick three of your favourite food industry websites. It’s important to list down what it is that you like about each one and how you would like to emulate these features on your own site. This way your web designer and developer will know exactly what it is you want and get to work on it.

eCommerce shopping cart

An easy to locate shopping cart in the menu bar with a detailed summary of selected items is important, so shoppers can see how many items they have selected for purchase.

Your checkout solution must be easy to use and frustration-free otherwise, you will lose your customers to other businesses. The consumer wants to navigate the site and manage their purchase with the minimum of complications. If you don’t want your customers to abandon you before checkout you must provide a good user experience.

We have handpicked some food industry websites that we think meet the criteria above…..


The Bridge Hotel



We can see in the image above that The Bridge Hotel has done a great job with presenting their daily menu as a pop-out on their website. Its is accompanied by professional food photography which makes the food look delicious. Customers can scroll through the menu and there is even a wine list to select with your meal further down.


Here we see in the image above the shopping cart has a list of selected items ready for purchase on the right. On the left are self-explanatory buttons to add your details, set the time of delivery and payment method.


In the image, we can see all the information we need to know about The Bridge Hotel’s delivery fees, time of delivery and pick-up service, contact details, payment methods and opening hours. Overall we would say that the Bridge Hotel has successfully integrated an eCommerce platform into its existing website, which in turn has helped them to stay open during community isolation.




As far as graphics go the Calexo website for beverages is the funkiest and most aesthetically pleasing website we have come across. The fresh colours, overlapping shapes and crisp photography add to the appeal of their product. The site is kitted out with motion graphics each time you hover your mouse over the main area of the web page and the wavey menu burger in the top right corner entices you to look further into the site. In fact, it makes the viewer want to explore the whole site to see what the motion graphics will do next. Its a very clever method of engaging a potential customer and keep their attention for longer.


Happy Egg


We chose Happy Egg’s website is for its large and appealing food photography which are actually short videos that we have captured as stills. The fluid line that intersects the page vertically is a motion graphics feature that follows the mouse as you move it across the page. The motion graphics reveal more of the video as you move the mouse to the left of the screen. Each page behind the Home page is generously furnished with videos and the same motion graphics. The Happy Egg is an engaging site and it’s interactive appeal keeps the viewer much more engaged than if it was a still site.




Ottolenghi started out as a world-famous vegetarian restaurant in London. Due to popularity and an almost cult following, it has expanded to six outlets. The Ottolenghi website is a merchandise store offering recipe books tote bags, produce and other goodies. Its appeal is the mouth-watering, bold, professional food photography to draw you in. It’s more than a merch store. The website offers recipes, stories and philosophy of the Ottolenghi empire.


Milk Bar


Milk Bar uses luscious pinks and sweet colours to reflect the products as fun and delicious. The online store entices you in with big pictures of delicious desserts and mouth-watering videos. The site has a simple ordering system and shopping basket. As a side business, Milk Bar has come up with the novel idea of offering classes on how to bake some of their signature dishes.


Gippsland Cheese


Last but not least, we are pleased to mention one of our own sites that we designed and developed for Gippsland Cheese. Its a complex site incorporating retail and wholesale, with multiple categories, product pictures, order forms and checkout. The site provides customers with the heritage stories of some of its products, recipes and advice on how to pair up their products with wine and condiments. We have achieved a clean, uncluttered site while at the same time displaying a lot of products and information.


Professional eCommerce web development for the food industry

Our highly experienced design staff are skilled at tailoring eCommerce websites that are appealing and user friendly. Our websites are designed to keep customers engaged for longer.

We build websites on the HTML5 and CSS3 framework ensuring they are mobile responsive, beautiful, scalable, highly functional and most importantly, achieve your expectations.

With your ideas and our expertise, we can create a smashing eCommerce website and a marketing strategy that brings you results.

If you would like to know more about our eCommerce web design services please visit our page here.

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