What’s the Ultimate Content Marketing Team?

The Ultimate Content Marketing Team?

When it comes to content marketing you need a plan, a sufficient timeline, and a realistic budget as well as several different people with complementary skills in order to gain traction.

So how can you get the best content from your team by identifying what each member wants to do most? For many smaller businesses, the one person will wear multiple hats, however by establishing clear content marketing roles people know what they are meant to do ensuring the content creation process is far smoother.

A rock solid content marketing team will vary according to each organisation depending on the niche, budget and company size, however every organisation will need someone with the following skill set:

  • Chief content writer: this is the main content writer or storyteller who is responsible for setting the overall editorial plan and writing much of the content.
  • Editor: never underestimate how important an editor is. Good online editors not only correct grammar and spelling but also improves the stories by consolidating the tone, style and language of each article.
  • Graphic Designer/ Videographers: people are visual creatures. We love looking at beautiful, funny things and if you want content that cuts through you need fantastic graphics that make you stand out from the rest of the pack. Video is becoming increasingly important when it comes to content marketing but you don’t need to hire a professional video company, often a smart phone and a snappy 30 sec clip will be just as effective.
  • Social media manager: more people get their news from social media these days than they do through newspapers. You need to be on social media regularly on 2-3 platforms that suit your niche. Stay consistent in tone and stay consistent in your regularity of updates.
  • Assistant content writer: this could be a part-timer, another staff member, a friend or partner who contributes a second voice to the content writing articles from a different angle to the main content writer. Depending on the size of the campaign there might be several of these people.
  • Idea contributors: Whilst most staff members won’t be actively involved in the content creation, however by allowing input from staff members some of the best ideas will flow directly from people at the coal face of the organisation.
  • Content promoters/ publicists/ SEO: content promoters need to spread your content far and wide by a variety of means whether social media, newspapers, online magazines and vitally importantly regular newsletters to current clients and customers.
  • Content Analyst: understanding what content works, what doesn’t, what time of day to publish articles, what day to publish them, what day of the week to issue your newsletter and what content leads to the most business is important no matter what your budget. Anyone can teach themselves basic content analysis. If you have a reasonable budget then ask your Search Engine Optimisation consultant to dig deep into the stats to extract the most pertinent information for your organistion.
  • Technical Search Engine Optimisation: having someone conduct keyword research into what terms people are searching for online will remove the guest work from your content strategy. Are people searching for ‘Web Design Melbourne’ or ‘Melbourne Web Designers’? The difference could be thousands of dollars each year to your bottom line. You also need to ensure your articles have been correctly marked-up according to Google’s rules and that the code of your website complies with the online best practice regulations.
  • Most importantly; a CEO or business owner who is involved each week in reviewing, assessing and suggesting improvements to the content and relaying what is working from the organisations point of view. It’s all well and good to have 200 likes on a Facebook post but does that translate to new business? Having regular input from the business owner, CFO or CEO can do wonders to keep the content marketing goals aligned with the businesses goals.

Obviously in large organistions you might have several writers, an in house pod caster or a YouTube specialist but for most small- medium sized companies this should be more than sufficient in order to make your content shine.

In our experience content marketing delivers the best results for propelling small businesses to the next level but don’t expect immediate results.

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