Who’s Afraid of the Marketing Man?
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Marketing for Writers If you’re like me you probably think heaven is being left alone in a room where you can mutter, giggle and punch the air with excitement while you write reams and reams of words that will never see the light of day. The first problem with this scenario is, other people just… Read more »

Savvy Social Media Marketing for Artistic Types

If you’re like a lot of creatives out there, you probably dread the thought of wasting hours on twitter or facebook, but social media doesn’t have to consist of mindless comments and unwanted attention. Getting savvy with social media can help grow your creative business in the following ways: Facebook pages are one of the… Read more »

Why your website needs a Landing Page
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We’ve been privileged enough to have written an article on one of the web’s best resources for web designers and graphic designs: Creative Bloq Magazine. The article is on Landing Pages- what are they and how they can benefit your business? Here’s an excerpt from the article or see the full post at Creative Bloq… Read more »

Stay On Message
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It may sound like spin, but when you create a website, blog, Facebook page or any other medium that is designed to showcase your talents or sell your products it’s important to stay on topic. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling apples or artwork, the principle remains the same. Before you dive in and set up… Read more »

Some interesting Social Media Statistics
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Since Twitter began there has been 163 billion tweets all up, 63 billion from Joe Hildebrand Social Media has overtaken Porn as the number one past time of internet users. Brazil publishes more posts on Facebook than any other country. Is that due to Carnivale? Each day 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, again those… Read more »

Everyone is a Brand
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Personal Branding Whether you like it or not these days everyone is a brand I had a senior moment the other day… and learnt something new. We were sitting around with good friends and colleagues discussing the marketing plan for our new website and brainstorming ideas for some of our new projects. The talk turned… Read more »

Broad Match, Exact Match & Phrase: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever conducted keyword research using Google Keyword research tool you’ll be familiar with the different terms Broad Match, Exact Match & Phrase- but what exactly do they mean? Broad Match Broad match lists all your search words in any order and includes words other people have used to conduct your search. As an… Read more »

Using PPC: How it Affects your Business
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Using PPC in your small business   I’m asked quite frequently how to use programs such as AdWords, in particular, how to take advantage of everything PPC programs like these have to offer. Due to the high volume of inquiries on the subject, I wanted to share this blog with all the small business owners… Read more »

Punishment: Google Style

Crime and Punishment – Google Style This is nothing more than a commentary on selecting the optimisation tactics for a website, in terms of what is “safe”, productive or cost-effective, considering Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Some people say that search engine optimisation is not exactly the sort of business a fellow gets into, looking for stability and… Read more »

Converting Traffic into Sales

Converting traffic into sales Your site is up, you’ve promoted it and are getting a reasonable amount of traffic visiting your site – but no-one’s buying… Here’s a quick list of ways you can convert traffic to actual sales. Digital Marketing Tip #1: Direct people where you want them to go. Lead the traffic to… Read more »

Digital Marketing on Pinterest
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Are you Pinterested? Today’s post is a goldmine for those that either use a lot of visual items on their website or that are actually selling a tangible product. If you happen to sell tangible, visual items, then you are going to be blown away by the possibilities! You have probably heard of Pinterest… it… Read more »

Living in a Post-Penguin World
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Living in a Post-Penguin World It’s been a while since I posted here, but it seems to me that I promised you some useful tips on optimizing your websites to make them easier to find via the search engines. For most of us, that activity centers mostly around Google. Some recent developments in the search… Read more »

Why use an RSS Feed Reader?

What’s an RSS Feed Reader used for? RSS is a tool for getting information from people without having to keep visiting their website to get it and is a fantastic digital marketing tool. You can subscribe to their information, have it sent to you and read it whenever you like. Once you have set up… Read more »

Four Big Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing tips and how they can work for you: What should I use to communicate with my clients, RSS, Emails, Twitter or Facebook? Every day we are bombarded with new messages, news feeds and marketing and as a business, we must use digital technology to maintain market awareness and communicate with our clients. There is… Read more »

Something to Consider
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I promised to try to share some information that might be useful to those of you that already have a website, or soon will. So I thought I’d talk to those of you that aren’t yet convinced that you need a website, or if you already have one, perhaps you’re not convinced it’s worth investing in… Read more »

I’m Just Passing Through
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I’m Just Passing Through First, I suppose I ought to introduce myself. Everyone calls me Doc. I’ve tried a few times to shake that nickname, but after nearly forty years, I decided I was stuck with it so I just gave up. I’m a friend of Rob’s, just dropping in to help cover his absence… Read more »

What is Podcasting?

What is Podcasting? This is the first in a three part series on Audio Podcasting: A podcast is simply a segment of audio that you can download from the internet and listen to at any time. The name suggests listening to it on a portable media player, and certainly this is the appeal of podcasting… Read more »

Is an online store your best option to sell your art?

Is the Internet the best option to Sell your Art?   People seem to have a love-hate relationship with online sales sites.  Most are easy to set up, have relatively low to no fees, and offer a seemingly easy way to sell your art. Unfortunately,  unless your product is priced correctly, your product fits into… Read more »

Using New Media to promote your Photography
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Using New Media to Promote your Photography: How can you use social media to promote your photography work? Before the days of the internet, the way to get your photography or artwork noticed was by either knowing the right people or being in the right place at the right time.  This may have been good… Read more »

Getting discovered on Google #1: Keyword Research
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Keyword Research: What keywords and how they can benefit your business? Ever wondered why you’ve typed in “Victoria” a state in Australia and you encountered an image of a Victoria Secrets Model, a photo of Victoria Beckham, or even a Victoria in Canada? Google isn’t as smart as a human yet and subsequently needs help… Read more »