Are you Pinterested?

Today’s post is a goldmine for those that either use a lot of visual items on their website or that are actually selling a tangible product. If you happen to sell tangible, visual items, then you are going to be blown away by the possibilities!

You have probably heard of Pinterest… it has become the third most popular social media site, behind Twitter and Facebook. With over 18 million registered users and 12 million unique visitors each month, it is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

 What Pinterest is NOT: a marketing channel  pinterst-logo

That said, let’s take a look at a couple of facts that would be interesting, if it were a marketing channel:

  • First, over 2/3 of the users are women. That’s a somewhat higher gender disparity than either Facebook or Twitter, putting males in the clear minority.
  • Half of the users are parents. This would indicate that you may have an equal opportunity to connect with both young teens and middle-aged married people.

Taken together, though, it wouldn’t seem to suggest that young, single, teenaged males present the best opportunity for you.

Which brings us to how we can use Pinterest in marketing. First, it’s important to remember that with human nature being what it is, the most effective sales and marketing techniques are those that aren’t detected as such. In a medium such as Pinterest, this is even more important.

As a visually-driven site, motivated by common interests, people are particularly resistant to any marketing efforts. You may be able to lead this horse to water, but drinking has to be HIS idea.

For an artist, Pinterest is a perfect way to showcase work and establish connections with board followers. You don’t showcase one of your works with a sales price… just the artwork. By showing your most interest and attention-grabbing items, you’ll get users to click through to your site, and if they like what they see there, then you can market to them. Trying to do so on Pinterest will just alienate them.

This isn’t about links and pagerank… it’s about traffic. Steam Driven Media’s Steve Gerencser, an early adopter on Pinterest, recently drew 130,000 unique visitors to his site via Pinterest. That’s substantial traffic, and his conversion on those visits was respectable. To me, that translates as worthwhile.

But his approach was very low-key. He was trying to simply show users the sort of images they wanted to see – no sales or marketing pitch, no prices, no list sign-up… just building relationships. That’s the only sustainable method on a platform like Pinterest.

In Steve’s words, “Don’t use Pinterest like a tramp. Treat her like your sister.”

So here’s what I suggest you do:

Go to Pinterest and sign up for an account;

Spend 5 or 10 minutes a day, browsing around, pin stuff you like to your boards, foloow a few folks that share your interests… in other words, get your feet wet.

In a few days, I’ll lay out the next steps… for now, just take it slow and easy.


Digital Marketing - 1 Jul 2012 - by Rob Jennings

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