This is a really important question to ask yourself.

In this digital world you need your company logos in a variety of sizes and formats. Traditionally you needed a logo for your letterhead and one for your website. Now you need one for your social media profile on 10 different channels, print ready logos, plus black and white versions.

Not only that, but you will need photographs and graphics at set sizes to broadcast your brand efficiently. Just about every social network says “Sign up in 5-minutes” which is true until they ask you for photographs, hobbies, dates, CV, contact information all in a bewildering amount of sizes.

Social Media networks are constantly updating their image size and layouts so this is accurate as of June 2014.

Essential Logo Sizes for your Small Business:

  1. Square logo in full colour: 500px x 500px (png & jpg)
  2. Square logo in full colour with a transparent background: 500px x 500px (png & jpg)
  3. Square logo in black & white for inexpensive printing: 500px x 500px (png)
  4. Letterhead logo size: 300 x 120 px (or similar dimensions)
  5. Logo for footer of documents: 200 x 70 px (or similar dimensions)
  6. Logo for Email Signature: 300 x 70 px (or similar dimensions)
  7. Common Website logo Size: 415 x 150px (or similar dimensions)
  8. Favicon file– this is the image that sits to the left of the URL bar: 16px x 16px (.ico)
  9. High Resolution Logo: this will be in any number of px size

Essential Online Logo Sizes:

  • Gravatar image size: 80 x 80 px
  • Forum Profile/ Personal logo size: 75 x 75 px
  • Header image for websites: This varies but 1040px is common
  • Mail Chimp header image: 600 px x what suits
  • Badges on websites (such as shopping carts): 88 x 31 px
  • Icons used on iPhones: 57 x 57px
  • Internet Banner Ads such as Amazon, AdSense, Yahoo etc: 728 x 90 px and 468 x 60 px
  • Gmail Custom Logo: 143 x 59 px
  • Logo in the website sidebar: 350px wide x what suits

Essential Social Media Image Sizes:

Twitter Image Sizes:

Twitter released a great looking redesign of their website so it works seamlessly on mobiles and tablets. This redesign means that you need need to update your profile picture and cover photograph. The sizes are retina-ready so the images will look good on any device (even a TV).

  • Profile pic: 400 x 400 px
  • Cover photo: 1500 x 500 px

Facebook Image Sizes:

Facebook requires smaller image sizes such as:

  • Cover photograph: 851 x 315px
  • Profile Photo: 180 x 180 (this should be your company logo)
  • Shared Image size in posts: 400px px wide x 400px on desktops

Google + Image Sizes:

Late 2013 Google updated their Google+, Google Places, Google Local, Google Google…again.

  • The maximum image size is 2120px x 1192px (at the aspect radius of 16:9
  • Minimum image size: 480 x 270px
  • Profile Picture: 250px x 250px

Instagram’s Image Sizes:

  • Cover Dimensions: 2048 x 2048px

Pinterest Image Sizes:

  • Profile Picture: 165px x 165px
  • Pin: 735 px wide x unlimited

YouTube Image Sizes:

  • YouTube Channel Cover: 2,560 x 1,440 px
  • Profile Picture: 250px x 250px
  • Video Dimensions: 2,560 x 1,440 px

 Vimeo’s Image Sizes:

  • Profile Picture: 300px x 300px
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