Live Stream Open Mic at the Office

Open Mic Castlemaine stays alive with Scott Sanders & Robbie Nokes Musicians have been unable to play together during the COVID-19 isolation lockdowns. There has been no live music at all, except for one regular gig, Open Mic Castlemaine. Once hosted as a live music night at the Criterion Hotel Castlemaine (The Cri) for the… Read more »

eCommerce Web Design for the Food Industry

eCommerce Web Development for the Food, Beverage & Wholesale food industries The website design of your eCommerce food industry site is important and needs to reflect your branding and send a clear message that allows you stand out from your competitors. Photography is vitally important for any eCommerce development Whether you are a butcher, delicatessen,… Read more »

Interactive Websites for Teaching and Learning Fun

Put away your Power Point presentations and forget about Publisher as tools for delivering education and check out these interactive websites for teaching and learning fun. The following three websites offer easy to use, exciting alternatives to traditional presentation tools. Powtoon animation website Release your inner animator on this free to use website that wants… Read more »

Eddy’s Garage

Our central Victoria series Central Victoria has been undergoing a small town revival transformation in the last decade. Many city dwellers of the creative and innovative kind are moving here in droves to rekindle and connect to the deeper part of themselves. The historic architecture of our small Gold Rush towns provides a strong sense… Read more »

MASH Wins Environment Victoria Award

MASH Wins environmental award We Push Buttons is the digital partner of MASH (the campaign for More Australian Solar Homes) and we were proud to support Jo Kaptein and the MASH team, who were one of six community groups and individuals from around the state to be recognised by Environment Victoria last week for their… Read more »

Interview with Jonathon Hanks

Jonathon Hanks explains shared value We Push Buttons interviewed Jonathon Hanks, founder and Director of Incite, a South African company that provides powerful tools to businesses in emerging markets, to help them build Shared Value and Sustainability best practice business models.   Shared Value is a business strategy that is based on profit generating principles at scale while addressing… Read more »

A Treasure Trove of Logo Designs

A Treasure Trove of Logo Designs We have just discovered this inspiring website, packed with some of the best logo designs from the 1950’s till now. A group of Swiss designers have dedicated their time to build this beautiful collection of logos to inspire their peers and share these great historical designs with the world. The idea has… Read more »

Beautiful repeatable pattern designs for your website

Beautiful Patterns for your Website Repeatable pattern design: Introducing one of our favourite overseas pattern designers, Matthias Hennig. Mr Hennig is a multi talented artist/designer who is noteworthy because of his sensitive and thoughtful approach to visual art and communication. His art is refreshing and unusually ‘soft spoken’ and thoughtful. Mr Hennig is immensely productive.… Read more »

What is Canva?

Getting Creative with Canva What is Canva? There’s no question that Adobe Photoshop is the premiere photo editing app, but it remains too costly and too difficult to master for many of us. If you want to create the odd infographic or social media post, and you don’t have time to climb the professional ropes,… Read more »

5 of the Best Websites Dedicated to Art and Museums

5 of the Best Websites Dedicated to Art and Museums We’ve compiled a list of the best museum and art websites on the planet to save you from trawling the internet for hours in search of a good dose of culture, or artistic inspiration. Despite the diversity of images, facts and stories on offer, interactivity,… Read more »

Why redesign your website?

Why redesign your website? Your website is not mobile responsive: More than half the web searches last year were done from tablets, Ipads and mobile phones. The change from PCs and laptops to devices of all sorts and sizes means that your website must be functional and beautiful in many different formats. New technology: People… Read more »

Why the Charlie Hebdo Massacre Doesn’t Surprise Me
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When I first heard the news about the massacre of cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, naturally I was shocked and appalled – but not so surprised. They ran some very cutting edge cartoons, more than any American political cartoonist has done or satirical publication has published. This is coming from someone who worked for MAD Magazine… Read more »

Five of our favourite eCommerce web designs

The best eCommerce web designs double as online showcases for the business they represent, but they should, first and foremost, reinforce brand awareness and sell products and services. Capturing maximum sales and return traffic is less problematic when web design is holistic. It’s not enough to embed newsletter sign-ups and ‘buy now’ buttons. If a… Read more »

Some interesting Social Media Statistics
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Since Twitter began there has been 163 billion tweets all up, 63 billion from Joe Hildebrand Social Media has overtaken Porn as the number one past time of internet users. Brazil publishes more posts on Facebook than any other country. Is that due to Carnivale? Each day 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, again those… Read more »

Can a newspaper redesign increase sales?

Newspaper Design: Why has it barely changed in 200 years? We continuously hear about the death of the newspaper due to the never ending march of technology. Yet there are still many of us that look forward to flipping over the daily newspaper first thing in the morning. Certainly circulation is down in most regions… Read more »

What is HTML5?
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Is HTML5 worth your while? HTML is the code used to program what you see on the screen when you view a website in a browser. HTML5 is the latest incarnation of this language, which has been in it’s previous form since 1997. With such an increase in the use of video, audio, graphics and… Read more »

Seven Awesomely Creative Web Designs

We’re all familiar with the standard conventions in website design these days – you know: banner, menu, maybe a couple of squares around the page to click on. But here I have selected seven websites that have just that bit of extra creativity which can make a site stand out from the crowd. Creative Web… Read more »

Arts Open 2012

Visual Arts Festival: Arts Open 2012 Well it’s been a busy few months for the We Push Buttons team, with web design and community events involvement, building to a crescendo in the last couple of weeks as we have been preparing for the upcoming launch of our latest project – the Arts Open Festival of… Read more »

Castlemaine Artist: Ben Laycock

Castlemaine Artist: Ben Laycock Think infamous artists in Castlemaine and immediately Ben Laycock comes to mind. Born with a paintbrush in his mouth, Ben has been a colourful member of this great arts community for close to two decades. But when I had the opportunity to interview him I didn’t know where to start. His… Read more »

Can your Business Name be Used as a Logo?

Using your business name as a logo: Not all logos have to have a pretty picture or a mascot animal. A growing number of successful businesses are choosing to present their name as their logo. With the addition of a great font and a selection of colours, a simple business name can be transported into… Read more »