The Central Victoria Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA) have received two grants totalling $100,000 for Charging the Regions. The funding is for a feasibility study to examine member councils’ role in building a network of electric vehicle charging stations across Victoria. Some councils have built or begun to establish electric vehicle charging stations in their area and the CVGA is leading this study to see building a network can support local governments, businesses, communities and EV owners.


The Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance are leading Charging the Regions on behalf of 43 regional councils, 11 metropolitan councils, the Goulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance, the Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action, the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action and the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia.

We Push Buttons has been a proud supporter of CVGA for many years and we have collaborated with them on email marketing campaigns, MASH Community Solar project support and website design, publicity and corporate branding.

To read more about Charging the Regions visit CVGA website here.

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News - 11 Dec 2019 - by Debon Dwyer

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