Numerous benefits of eCommerce

Online shoppers can browse products, read reviews and compare prices without leaving home. eCommerce is the way of the now and the future. Every business needs a great website that customers can easily navigate. Your products catalogue and shopping cart will be well organised and user friendly with a tried and true eCommerce solution.

Even if you have a brick-and-mortar store, adding the eCommerce shopping option offers convenience to customers who prefer to shop online. An eCommerce site smashes through limitations like relying solely on local foot traffic to generate business. It will broaden your brand reach interstate and if it suits your business, you can branch out internationally. You reap the benefits of 24-hour trading. A professional eCommerce site does the trading for you while you sleep. It is a way of expanding your business without having to expand your premises.

Because your eCommerce website is open for business 24/7 consumers that keep odd hours such as shift workers or customers in different time zones can access your shop.


Global access to smartphone technology has made shopping available at our fingertips wherever we are at all times. Before launching a new eCommerce website, it is vital to make sure it is responsive on all devices. People are accessing online shopping, researching products and reading reviews most likely when they are on their smartphones. It’s important that your eCommerce website looks good, functions logically and smoothly so that customers don’t abandon their shopping cart at any stage of the transaction.

eCommerce marketing

You can broaden brand awareness with blogs and social media. By offering online promotional deals with a good social media marketing strategy, pay per click advertising and email campaigns that you can link back to landing pages on your website. You can sit back and watch the traffic increase to your online store.

We have written an in-depth service page that describes eCommerce digital marketing in detail here.

eCommerce SEO

With onsite SEO during the construction of your eCommerce website, you have a powerful marketing tool that ensures your site will be indexed appropriately by search engines such as Google. Your business site will have a chance to appear on top of all your competitors when your niche search terms are used by a potential customer.

Payment and delivery systems

Your custom eCommerce website should have an easy to navigate shopping cart and a secure payment system. It should also calculate and provide freight details and pricing. Customers also like an estimate of delivery dates which your website should be able to provide.

Get your custom eCommerce web design right the first time

When shopping for a web developer to create your online store, it’s important to invest in your online presence with an experienced web development and marketing company. Get it right the first time and it will save you thousands in ongoing costs.

A good eCommerce store is scalable so you can add and grow your business with more products and information to be added as your business expands. You can offer a better customer experience with a carefully curated website, using a built for purpose platform.

For more information on our eCommerce web design services and a brief outline of all the eCommerce platforms we use, visit our page here.

Digital Marketing - 22 Mar 2021 - by Debon Dwyer

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