Converting traffic into sales

Your site is up, you’ve promoted it and are getting a reasonable amount of traffic visiting your site – but no-one’s buying… Here’s a quick list of ways you can convert traffic to actual sales.

Digital Marketing Tip #1: Direct people where you want them to go. target-your-micro-niche

Lead the traffic to your sales area on your site. We’ve all been to Ikea where they make you walk through the entire store before you can leave. Ensure visitors that are interested in a post can easily find other associated topics without having to think too much about it.

Digital Marketing #2: Use Big, bold fonts

The use of big, obvious messages is useful too – after some time looking at a computer screen, the brain is bombarded with all sorts of information. Nice, big, visible buttons telling people to CLICK HERE! will stand out even as the user scrolls quickly down the page.

Digital Marketing Tip #3: Don’t hide

Don’t hide your sales offer at the bottom of the page- much sure people can easily find it.

Digital Marketing #4: Don’t annoy people

People hate pop up ads. One of the most irritating tricks is obscuring the content with a lightbox to display a direct sales message, or advertising pages that make you wait before loading the main site. Popunders are even more infuriating; that’s when you try to leave a website and a pop up appears asking you to sign up now. Be really careful over doing the sales push. If people like your website they will in all likelihood visit regularly and often sign up anyway.

Digital Marketing Tip #5: Analyse your traffic

Find out if the traffic your site is getting is relevant to what you are selling. It’s no use people coming to your mail-order aquarium if the only people visiting are card-game fanatics (fish, get it?).
You need to know which keywords brought them to your site – and, if necessary, then change your SEO to capture the traffic searching for the right keywords. It ‘s also good to know which sites people are coming to your site from, and where do they go (especially if they’re not buying before they leave).

Digital Marketing Tip #6: Get tips from proven sellers

Spy on successful websites in your niche and see how they convert traffic to buyers. What techniques do they use that you can use yourself. Learn what topics work and what don’t. What sites have outstanding content and a good mix of advertising without overdoing it? Check out high-ranking blogs – it’s not always about selling advertising space on one’s blog, many bloggers use their blog as an extra traffic attractor and a place to generate authority. Have a look at how bloggers get customers to visit their main site!

There is a fine line between softly suggesting to buy something and overstepping the mark and putting visitors off by being pushy so it will take some experimentation to get right but remember- Don’t be shy in trying to convert your traffic into sales.

Digital Marketing - 18 Jul 2012 - by Rob Jennings

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When he found himself embroiled in a conversation with someone talking about their ‘customer-centric core competencies’ he realised it was time to create a Web Design Agency that was less about self promoting buzz-words and more about people and giving them the tools to understand the web.

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