Why Contact pages are so important.

You need every available way to contact you on your contact us page.

  • Contact Us Tip #1- Make sure your contact page is easy to find from the home page and preferably have it clearly marked on every page.
  • Contact Us Tip #2- If you have a shop front it is especially important to list your hours on the home page. This is vitally important over the Easter period and Christmas as all shops have different hours over those periods.
  • Contact Us Tip #3- Provide a map so people can gauge where you are- this is vital if you are based in a suburb or town that is not well known.
  • Contact Us Tip #4- Have a telephone number, actual address and PO Box address so people can put something more solid to your organisation. Always include your state- it is obvious to you but might not be to others. Remember there is 4 suburbs called Windsor in Australia, the last thing you want is people calling you from QLD when you are a plumber based in Melbourne.
  • Contact Us Tip #5- Have a contact us form on the contact us page. Once customers have submitted their query give a time estimation of how long it will take for you to get back to them.
  • Contact Us Tip #6- Put your email address (that is hyperlinked) along side a contact us form- not everyone likes to fill out contact forms. You will get more spam from this method so you might need to install better spam software but personally I do believe the benefits out way the negatives.
  • Contact Us Tip #7- If you do use social media list the various media that you do use. The easiest way to do this is to have a Facebook/ Twitter/ Digg/ Stumble Upon icon on the bottom of the page.
  • Contact Us Tip #8- Only have links to your social media profiles if you regularly check them. If you’re not on Twitter very often then don’t have a contact us Twitter icon on our contact page.

Here’s some examples of some fantastic Contact Us pages





Inspiration - 23 May 2011 - by Rob Jennings

About Rob Jennings

When he found himself embroiled in a conversation with someone talking about their ‘customer-centric core competencies’ he realised it was time to create a Web Design Agency that was less about self promoting buzz-words and more about people and giving them the tools to understand the web.

The idea behind We Push Buttons was to create an environment where business owners can learn about building their organisation, whether it be with an outstanding website, SEO or any other marketing ideas. Coming from the art industry and online retail background he knows first hand the needs of growing a business in a tough environment.