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The design

Mary wanted a natural and welcoming website that reflected her love of nature and her openness to other people in her work as an alternative therapist. She wanted to avoid a corporate look at all costs. Her design tastes were the down to earth colour tones of the natural world and a logical accessible layout.

The Compassion Centred Life pages have a lot of boxes to order the content into readable chunks. To create visual relief from edges and corners, our designer has incorporated divisions on the page to incorporate a natural flowing horizon hill line graphic. The icons for links to blog posts have been juxtaposed over the top of the hilly graphics to marry it all together.


We supplied Mary with some stock images of nature, but she chose instead to use her own photography of people and landscapes. She wanted the photos to be authentic and part of her own experience of nature and people, and to be as unpretentious as possible.


She provided a logo that incorporated the two Cs from “Compassion Centred” that she had made herself. Our designer took that home-made logo and created simple links in a chain logo to represent the two Cs. The chain links represent the links she builds for people to live love and thrive.


The site’s icons have been custom made in-house by our designer. Mary wanted icons that reflected her love of nature but also had to look professional. Overall, Mary wanted the website to be uncomplicated and subtle with simple shapes.

The technical

We have coded contact forms into the site for session bookings and an events calendar. We have built the site using WordPress on the Genesis framework which means it is search engine optimised with good foundations to be indexed by Google and other search engines.


The Compassion Centred Life is fast loading and responsive on all devices.

Ongoing support and hosting

We Push Buttons provide Australian based web hosting plus firewall and security monitoring for the Compassion Centred Life website with local telephone and email support.

We have provided Mary with in-house WordPress training and access to our resources library so she can manage her website and make necessary changes without incurring ongoing development costs.


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