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Round Table Discussion on Hostingpill
Our Content Writing Gets Results for Clients
What Prototyping tools do we use at We Push Buttons?

Most of our clients have never heard of prototyping, UX or UI, however once they begin a new website development project with us they very quickly learn how important these tools are to ensure that their vision can be translated into the online world.  Just as artists sketch a new piece of work prior to… Read more »

The Impact of COVID-19 on Start-Up Ecosystems

Key findings from this initial analysis are: Capital 41% of startups globally are threatened in what we call “red zone”: they have three months or less of cash runway left. Many very young startups live with only a few months in cash—29% were in that situation already before the crisis—but the crisis put 40% more… Read more »

What is Domain Authority?

What’s the difference between Page Authority & Domain Authority? Your Domain Authority measures the ranking strength of your whole website and its subdomains, Page Authority measures the strength of individual pages within your site. It has a similar scoring algorithm as Domain Authority, from 1-100. Your site’s authority and your competitors It would be a waste of… Read more »

eCommerce Web Design for the Food Industry

eCommerce Web Development for the Food, Beverage & Wholesale food industries The website design of your eCommerce food industry site is important and needs to reflect your branding and send a clear message that allows you stand out from your competitors. Photography is vitally important for any eCommerce development Whether you are a butcher, delicatessen,… Read more »

Working from Home Tips

Working from home for the first time? Working from home, who doesn’t love it? If you rely on the internet and a computer to do your job, technology makes it possible. But, can we be as productive at home as we are in the office? Stats say we can if it is well managed. Best… Read more »

Free illustrations to help fight the spread of coronavirus

Fight Corona with Art We wanted to let you know about a new website called Minty which offers collections of illustrations to assist you in creating beautiful websites or digital marketing campaigns. There are hundreds of mainly European illustrators listed on the site and they are offering free downloads on COVID-19 illustrations that are all… Read more »

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update

As the situation is changing by the hour, we wanted to provide you with an update about the plans we have in place to ensure that project work is still being completed and that we are still providing maintenance, security and phone support as required in these very difficult times. It is our responsibility to… Read more »

Learning Management Systems

What is a learning management system (LMS)? If you have a course, you would like to deliver online then you need look no further than adopting a Learning Management System (LMS). Including LMS software to your site adds corporate eLearning delivery, custom designed to address deficiencies in training and information dissemination. An LMS can be… Read more »

Building a Health Directory into your Practitioner Website

What’s in a health directory? A health directory could be as simple as listing practitioner contact details, areas of practice and expertise with an accompanying headshot. You can also set up a telephone and email protocol handler with CSS. this means that when a client clicks the telephone or email link in the directory, their… Read more »

Why we use BigCommerce in our eCommerce Design Agency

  Why we recommend BigCommerce:   BigCommerce is a reliable hosted platform You’ve probably heard the terms “open-source platform” and “hosted platform” in reference to various content management systems. The difference between these two types of platforms is huge. When you use an open-source platform, you’re responsible for maintaining a hosting account, installing the software,… Read more »

The Paddock Eco Village – Stage 2

Castlemaine’s new eco-village The Paddock, is the brain child of Neil and Heather Barrett from the Hub Foundation. The village offers a ground-breaking model of sustainable living for people seeking a green lifestyle, a sense of community and closer links to nature. We Push Buttons is proud to support such an innovative and green initiative in… Read more »

Interactive Websites for Teaching and Learning Fun

Put away your Power Point presentations and forget about Publisher as tools for delivering education and check out these interactive websites for teaching and learning fun. The following three websites offer easy to use, exciting alternatives to traditional presentation tools. Powtoon animation website Release your inner animator on this free to use website that wants… Read more »

Social Media and the Busy Business

Including business social media into your schedule Personally as a small business owner, I do not work the usual nine-to-five hours that most of the population do. While running my own business, the practice of finishing work hours late into the night is quite common. Working into this long day I have to spend considerable… Read more »

Get Your Small Business Website Design Right the First Time

Small business website design If you want to push the right buttons with your customers, read about the eight essential elements of an effective small business website below: Have a plan If you build it on the web, they won’t necessarily come unless you have a strong sales strategy. In order to get the most… Read more »