What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the name given to the Friday immediately after the Thanksgiving celebration in the USA and Canada. Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately following. Thanksgiving is a very important national celebration in the US, Canada and the Caribbean islands. Its origins are from the Pilgrim days of settlement in north America, giving thanks for the season’s harvest and the successful settlement of the new world. Today it is an important family day, where members get together to feast and celebrate.


What is Black Friday?

As Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday of November (November 29 in Australia), the following day is Black Friday. This signals a nationwide retail sales day that continues into the weekend, with heavily discounted goods, much like our Boxing Day sale here in Australia. Black Friday in America is the start of the Christmas shopping season and acquired its name from the revenue generated, advancing store accounts into the black.

Most Australians are unaware of Black Friday, yet it has been gaining momentum here in the last three years. It heralds massive discounts of up to 40% off online sales of clothing, whitegoods and travel. Australian retailers are cottoning on and are joining the Black Friday concept to sell online discounted goods to Americans and local markets. Online merchants such as eBay, Kogan, JB Hi-Fi and Amazon are also gearing up for Black Friday sales in Australia. Local retailers such as Myers, the Good Guys, Harvey Norman and EB Games have published their Black Friday catalogues, which you can see here on the My Catalogue website.

Because north America is a day behind us, Black Friday doesn’t commence till Saturday November 30. If you are shopping on overseas sites, you should check your bargain hunting comes with international shipping.

Cyber Monday

This day is called Cyber Monday to encourage people to use online shopping platforms to bargain hunt and continue the retail festival. Like Black Friday, it is used as a big revenue driver for the American and Canadian economy.

North American Cyber Monday occurs on the Monday following Black Friday. Once again, because we are a day ahead, Cyber Monday will occur on Monday night into Tuesday for shoppers looking for a bargain on US or Canadian online stores. For Australian sites, December 2 is the date to mark in your calendar. On this day online shoppers can grab a bargain on electronics and software.

If you are shopping for gadgets and electronics from international sites, check to make sure they can be used in Australia and come with adaptors. Just from observation, Australian retailers of electronics and software are competitively priced during Cyber Monday and you may save yourself dollars on shipping. It is also easier and quicker to return an item locally than back overseas.

In conclusion, Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains are there for the taking. Apart from buying cheaper Christmas presents, it is also a good time to replace old office laptops, computers, furniture and purchase software at a discount.

It will pay to shop around as online retailers and brick and mortar store are all competing for your dollars, so you can be sure someone is selling it cheaper.

As a side note: this is the first time I’ve heard of either sales days, I have put the date in my calendar. My daughter wants a watch for Christmas and in my research for this article I have seen that the local jeweller is having a 40% off sale on Black Friday. I’ll bag me a bargain!

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