Beautiful Patterns for your Website

Repeatable pattern design:

Introducing one of our favourite overseas pattern designers, Matthias Hennig. Mr Hennig is a multi talented artist/designer who is noteworthy because of his sensitive and thoughtful approach to visual art and communication. His art is refreshing and unusually ‘soft spoken’ and thoughtful. Mr Hennig is immensely productive. He expresses himself in various media ranging from pencil drawings and painting to computer generated seamless patterns for various outlets. Mr Hennig has exhibited his art widely all over the world and his commercial designs are available at numerous outlets all over the Net.

We have included some of our favourite pattern designs here – but you can also see examples of his work in these places:

Matthias Hennig’s repeatable pattern designs:



Inspiration - 14 Apr 2017 - by Iben Blom Hansen

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Communication designer with Northern European design sensibilities. Designing minimalist, striking and beautiful websites, media campaigns, logos, brochures and just about anything else we throw at her. Iben’s the go to person for anything design oriented that comes across our desk.