About Iben Blom Hansen

Communication designer with Northern European design sensibilities. Designing minimalist, striking and beautiful websites, media campaigns, logos, brochures and just about anything else we throw at her. Iben’s the go to person for anything design oriented that comes across our desk.

Free illustrations to help fight the spread of coronavirus

Fight Corona with Art We wanted to let you know about a new website called Minty which offers collections of illustrations to assist you in creating beautiful websites or digital marketing campaigns. There are hundreds of mainly European illustrators listed on the site and they are offering free downloads on COVID-19 illustrations that are all… Read Full Article

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A Treasure Trove of Logo Designs

A Treasure Trove of Logo Designs We have just discovered this inspiring website, packed with some of the best logo designs from the 1950's till now. A group of Swiss designers have dedicated their time to build this beautiful collection of logos to inspire their peers and share these great historical designs with the world. The idea has… Read Full Article

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Visual Communication and Design

Logos, Branding and Web Design As a visual communication and design professional, I particularly love the way that the internet has enhanced, nurtured and developed communication design for all kinds of businesses and organisations. It is my job to ensure that our clients are being heard and remembered, among the cacophony of competing messages everywhere… Read Full Article

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Beautiful repeatable pattern designs for your website

Beautiful Patterns for your Website Repeatable pattern design: Introducing one of our favourite overseas pattern designers, Matthias Hennig. Mr Hennig is a multi talented artist/designer who is noteworthy because of his sensitive and thoughtful approach to visual art and communication. His art is refreshing and unusually 'soft spoken' and thoughtful. Mr Hennig is immensely productive.… Read Full Article

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Everyone is a Brand
Everyone is a Brand

Personal Branding Whether you like it or not these days everyone is a brand I had a senior moment the other day... and learnt something new. We were sitting around with good friends and colleagues discussing the marketing plan for our new website and brainstorming ideas for some of our new projects. The talk turned… Read Full Article

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