Eddy’s Garage

Our central Victoria series Central Victoria has been undergoing a small town revival transformation in the last decade. Many city dwellers of the creative and innovative kind are moving here in droves to rekindle and connect to the deeper part of themselves. The historic architecture of our small Gold Rush towns provides a strong sense… Read more »

Why We Love WordPress

WordPress makes sense User friendly | Open source | Content management system  We love WordPress because it is a user friendly, open source software that can be used to make all sorts of websites. Millions of people are using WordPress each day which makes it a dynamic and developing software, publicly available, without ever losing the… Read more »

Airlie and Farmtable in the Land News

You can read more about Airlie’s achievements in this article in the Land news.    

Adding Interactive Games to Your Website

Does your website need an Interactive Game? The interactive games on your site don’t have to be complicated. They could be as simple as puzzles, a basic action game or a colouring page on a website directed at parents and children. A good example is this colouring page on the Hearing Club website. There are… Read more »

Fred’s Tiny House Council Regulations Airtable Database

You can find the Fred’s Tiny House Council Regulations in Australia database here. We Push Buttons have clients who use Airtable as a cloud based collaborative spread sheet with many more features such as fields being able to hold long form text, images, links, attachments, check-boxes, drop-down lists and numeric data. You can opt to… Read more »

Online Booking System for Clients

What is an online booking system? An online booking system is a software that allows you to manage reservations through your website. The advantage of having an online booking system is that your booking system never sleeps. Customers can book anytime, even if you are not there to attend to business. A booking system does… Read more »

MASH Wins Environment Victoria Award

MASH Wins environmental award We Push Buttons is the digital partner of MASH (the campaign for More Australian Solar Homes) and we were proud to support Jo Kaptein and the MASH team, who were one of six community groups and individuals from around the state to be recognised by Environment Victoria last week for their… Read more »

Optimise User Behaviour: Keep your Website Clicking

Optimise User Behaviour Anyone visiting your site and interacting with your content is a website user, and understanding user behaviour is a key to boosting your conversion rates. Optimising your web pages will capture website visitors. In order to optimise, you need to monitor user behaviour and analyse visitor interactions. Analysis will give insights into… Read more »