Does your website need an Interactive Game?

The interactive games on your site don’t have to be complicated. They could be as simple as puzzles, a basic action game or a colouring page on a website directed at parents and children. A good example is this colouring page on the Hearing Club website.

There are several third-party websites that specialise in simple interactive games you can import onto your own site for free. There are puzzle sites that will let you create your own. That way you can customise to your branding and image. Some games will let you modify them slightly with coding. This can help with sizing and colour. You want to be sure that you don’t load too many games on one web page as it could slow down your site.

While an embedded game is part of your web site, it is hosted on the original website it came from and not using your bandwidth. Your game will disappear if the original site takes it down. Be sure to get your games from safe sources to avoid buggy content.

In the past, interactive games were built with Adobe Flash Player, but Google Chrome is planning to disable Flash by 2020. Games are now built in HTML5.

Before you download a game onto your website you need to be aware of any terms of use agreements or licensing. There may be restrictions or requirements on how the game is used. A free game may be free for the first few levels and then require payment to unlock the full game.


Web Design Tips - 18 Mar 2019 - by Debon Dwyer

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