Acronyms as Logos

Acronyms are everywhere in today’s society. The global use of emails and text messaging has heralded a whole dictionary full of regularly used acronyms, some of which have also made it into everyday conversations – OMG (oh my god) LOL (laugh out loud) ROFL (rolling on floor laughing) OTT (over the top) and the list goes on.

Acronyms are extensively used in business to abbreviate everything from company names to business employment titles – FC (financial controller) PRO (public relations officer). We all use acronyms in everyday life without even knowing it – ever had a BLT for breakfast? Do you eat a low GI diet? Have you been accused of not being PC, and are you interested in the effects of the GFC?

Since we are in the midst of an ACW (acronym crazy world), why not take advantage and use an acronym to advertise your business and make a snappy logo?

Here are some acronym logos, some are very well known while others are less conspicuous. But they all work.

Acronyms help to say a lot with a little.

WWF Logo
Who hasn’t heard of WWF? Coupled with the bold font and the panda image, this acronym is one of the most widely recognized acronym logos around.\



This is a perfect example of the power of acronyms in logos. For years and years the company’s name was ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken.’ They put that rather large name on all their packaging and advertising. Then over the years the company experimented with shortening their name to just the initials, with great effect.

Nowadays you won’t find their full name anywhere; instead the acronym of ‘KFC’ is used worldwide. I imagine this would save money with printing, enabling the logo to be shorter, and saves time – and stuttering – when answering the phone. It is also more user friendly than a full long name.


One of the best known car companies in the world, BMW is accepted as a name with no questions asked. But what does this acronym stand for? Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, or in English, Bavarian Motor Works. This is a German company and I can pretty much guarantee that if it went with its full name for advertising it wouldn’t be nearly as big a company as it is.

Ahh, thus is the power of an acronym to take a clunky and unimaginative name and make it succinct and enticing.

I Hope these logo examples have given you some FFT (food for thought), and some ideas to help you on the way to a spectacular advertising arsenal.

Small Business Ideas - 9 Apr 2012 - by Rob Jennings

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