5 of the Best Websites Dedicated to Art and Museums

We’ve compiled a list of the best museum and art websites on the planet to save you from trawling the internet for hours in search of a good dose of culture, or artistic inspiration. Despite the diversity of images, facts and stories on offer, interactivity, cutting-edge technological engagement and a passion for their subject are the hallmarks of each of our five chosen sites.

      1. The Collection Wall – at 1.5 x 12m and fully integrated with the Cleveland Museum of Art digital asset management system, The Collection Wall is an interactive smorgasboard of art and cultural artefacts. Over 3,800 images can be viewed physically or via the net and visitors have the option of navigating through the museum online or selecting images displayed on the wall. Once an image is selected, you can browse for related artworks, “favourite” an image, or save it to an iPad or iPhone. An exceptional combination of technology interfaces means borrowed or visitor-owned iPads can be docked at the Collection Wall, where visitors can save objects from the wall to the ArtLens app and create a personal playlist of favorites.
      2. Victorian Collections – provides online access to over 20,000 items from museums and collections across the state of Victoria. Launched online on 23 January 2014, the infinite scroll homepage demonstrates the amazing diversity of collections held in Victoria. The website is free and simple to use and allows community organizations and museums to catalogue their collections online. Users can search by item or organisation and a full list of Victorian organisations and their contact details is provided on the site. Victorian Collections shares with Culture Victoria (Arts Victoria’s website of Stories, Collections & Places) and its responsive design ensures a positive experience no matter what device you decide to use.
      3. Artsy – a gorgeous website for art lovers with a focus on collecting and education. Their mission is to “make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an internet connection” and believe us, Artsy delivers. Every page balances beautiful images and information with a stylish, user-friendly layout. Be prepared to spend some time on Artsy browsing through the ‘Art World Online’ or check out where your local art fairs and auctions are happening. Expect to find the unexpected and learn a few things on the way. Artsy is run by people who know their art, and their partnerships with leading galleries worldwide means there’s some amazing artists (both well-known and up and coming) on the website.

    1. Wondereur – in their own words are “bringing you the best artists to watch”. This site has style and substance and is aimed at both new and experienced art collectors. It features up and coming artists and their work, reviews, professional advice for new and would-be collectors, a blog and a newsletter. The site is easy to use and includes some gob-smackingly stunning documentaries on artists and their work, and exclusives with top worldwide curators; find out what drives the exhibitions they create and which artists they are following right now.
    2. DMA Friends – this innovative web-based platform launched by the Dallas Museum of Art encourages visitors to participate in the program online, through iPad-based kiosks, or from their mobile devices. Visitors can create personal profiles and participate in different activities on the museum website to earn badges which can be used for rewards at the museum. Rewards include free parking, special exhibition tickets and behind-the-scenes access, but even if you’re not a local, the interactive program allows visitors to view the collection and offers insights into the running of the museum.


Inspiration - 4 Sep 2015 - by Rob Jennings

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