Digital marketing tips and how they can work for you:

What should I use to communicate with my clients, RSS, Emails, Twitter or Facebook?

Every day we are bombarded with new messages, news feeds and marketing and as a business, we must use digital technology to maintain market awareness and communicate with our clients. There is such a high level of competition on the internet we have so be ever more creative and clever to get noticed and attract potential customers. It’s all about making the effort to stay in touch so that our message continues to be heard.

A direct mail out used to be a big investment in stationery, printing and postage. With so many cheap and free options available these days, is there a better choice? Do we need to use them all?

Let’s take a brief look at our digital marketing page and how they can be used to stay in touch with your clients.

Digital Marketing Tips #1

RSS web feeds and blog subscriptions

RSS feeds are used by people who want to follow the latest writings from a particular blogger or stay informed of the latest information from news syndicates. RSS is a subscription without having to visit the website. RSS has grown since 1999 to be used by over 500,000 separate news feeds.

It’s popular because people can subscribe to RSS feeds without having to send any of their personal information over the internet. This security is one of the biggest features of RSS. Another big feature is that the software used to read the feeds automatically checks for new items. People can stay up to date with the latest writings about news items, their favourite blogs without having to visit each web page manually.

The largest RSS program used on websites would have to be Feedburner

If you happen to have a WordPress website then their RSS widget is simple to set up and functions just as it should- WordPress RSS Widget

It’s good for internet marketing in that way too – your clients can stay informed about all your latest offers, promotions and new products all from one piece of software. They do have to download and install the software, however, and then subscribe to your feed to get all the latest news. This is one of the drawbacks in the traditional marketing sense – you’re relying on clients to sign up to your message instead of being able to send your message directly to them. Which brings us to…

Digital Marketing Tips #2: Email Subscriptions

A cheap, easy way to get messages directly into people’s consciousness is to directly email them. Direct email is still the first internet marketing tool people think of when considering how to communicate with clients. Any organisation from multinational corporations to the local senior citizens club has an email database of some kind. It’s hard to imagine a world without email, but it really only has been widespread in the non-business world since the mid-late 1990s.

Unfortunately for email, the use of technology to send blanket marketing emails has led to a poor reputation for email marketing. Anything that looks even remotely like spam* gets deleted instantly – it’s made promoting your legitimate business with email much more difficult and much less appealing.

But it does give you control over who you market your products to, which is still a huge plus for email marketing. Email newsletters are increasingly popular and clients receiving these are much more likely to tell their email software that your emails are not junk.

I can’t speak highly enough of Mail Chimp. Your first 2,000 subscribers are free and then you pay a monthly fee based on subscriber numbers.

*The term spam for unwanted email really does come from the Monty Python sketch!

Internet Marketing Tips #3: Twitter

The next biggest Social Media website is Twitter. Basically Twitter is like an SMS (and is built on the same technology), but instead of you sending it directly to people, you send it out into the ether and anyone who has subscribed to you will receive it. Kind of like the RSS feeds we were talking about at the start of the article – except Tweets are limited to 140 characters only. It’s the most contracted form of communication and yet so popular that it’s difficult to ignore.

In fact the brevity of Twitter is also the allure. Modern urban life requires messages to be concise and succinct – direct and to the point. It’s all about what’s happening right this second – and it’s all about what’s trendy right now.

The trend angle is also what makes Twitter. Tweets are listed in order of what the most people are talking about, so if you can tailor your marketing to ride these waves you have a greater chance of success with Twitter.

Digital Marketing Tips #4: Facebook

Facebook has simply exploded into a must-have for anyone in today’s technological world. It’s established itself as an extension of human communication in the western world. But can it be used for marketing?

Not-for-profit organisations certainly make use of the social aspect of Facebook as an integral part of their internet marketing plan. At the moment, you don’t need to ask Facebook friends’ permission to add them to a group you create – but it does mean redefining the ‘personal’ friend into a ‘marketing’ friend. It works for the not-for-profit sector – can it work for the business sector?

If you are able to create a hype about your business on Facebook you’re off to a great start. Its cross-networking functionalities such as tagging and custom apps really can attract people to your page – these are what people really do love about Facebook. But it will require someone to maintain a whole extra web presence – you really only will get out of it as much as you put into it.

Why don’t be we become Facebook buddies?


Which digital marketing tip works for your business?

Do you have a full-time, dedicated marketing team? Then you should use them all!

And if you don’t…?

Although the old adage is still correct, you only get out of it what you put into it, each of these tools can be a useful, efficient method of getting your messages out there. Your web feed can become your email and even your Facebook post (check out the dedicated tools to do this automatically) meaning that you potentially can take advantage of much that is available.

And of course, tailoring your message to your client, which is so important, can actually be easier with these methods if you take some time to understand why they are popular with their users. How can you get yourself talked about?

Digital Marketing - 5 Mar 2012 - by Rob Jennings

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